The following problems deal with logic. There are multiple ways to solve these problems, and for some of them, there may be more than one right answer. As long as your logic is accurate, alternate solutions are acceptable. Enjoy!

Hot Shot!

Hot Shot is an arcade basketball game in which the object is to make as many baskets as possible within the 60-second time limit. A player is awarded 2 points for each successful shot during the first 50 seconds of play and 3 points per successful shot during the final 10 seconds. Tyler had a bit of beginner’s luck in her first game scoring a total of 60 points. She wants to exceed this total in her second game.

Halloween Fun

Bridgette wants to be a princess for Halloween. When she gets to the costume store, she realizes there are many options. There are five different princess crowns, eight different princess dresses, and three different pairs of princess shoes.