New Year's Resolution

Jean made a New Year’s resolution to get in shape. She decides to run for 30 minutes on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. If Jean plans to run at an average speed of 6 mi/h, how many miles will she run during the month of February 2021?

Get Out Your Shovels

For many of us, the thought of snow brings hopes of snow days, sledding or skiing. For others it means traffic jams and shoveling. Unfortunately for Roger’s father, he is in this second category. It usually takes Roger’s father 35 minutes to get to work. However, after the snowstorm it took him an hour and 15 minutes to get to work. What was the percent increase in his commute time to work?

Back to School, Part 2

Friends Megan and Heather go to different schools.  Megan has math class during first period on each of the 180 days she goes to school.  She will be in math class a total of 8640 minutes this year.  Heather’s school year also has 180 days, but her math class only meets every other day, so her class periods are longer.  (One day she’ll have math class, and then the next day she won’t.)  If Megan and Heather end up with the same number of minutes of math class e

National Dog Day!

Olivia is planning to adopt a puppy on National Dog Day (August 26). The adoption fee at the local shelter is $150 plus a 4% tax. On her way to pick up the puppy, she stops at a store to buy a food dish, dog food, a water dish and a bed for her new pup that cost (before tax) $5, $10, $5 and $12, respectively.