Back to School, Part 2

Friends Megan and Heather go to different schools.  Megan has math class during first period on each of the 180 days she goes to school.  She will be in math class a total of 8640 minutes this year.  Heather’s school year also has 180 days, but her math class only meets every other day, so her class periods are longer.  (One day she’ll have math class, and then the next day she won’t.)  If Megan and Heather end up with the same number of minutes of math class e

National Dog Day!

Olivia is planning to adopt a puppy on National Dog Day (August 26). The adoption fee at the local shelter is $150 plus a 4% tax. On her way to pick up the puppy, she stops at a store to buy a food dish, dog food, a water dish and a bed for her new pup that cost (before tax) $5, $10, $5 and $12, respectively.

Roller Coaster Madness

The duration of a ride on the Shocker roller coaster is 1 minute 30 seconds.  The Shocker has only one train consisting of a series of linked cars, each of which carries a pair of passengers. It takes each group of passengers exactly 30 seconds to board the train and exactly 30 seconds to exit the train.  In one hour 480 people board the train, complete the ride and exit the train. Assuming there is never a seat left vacant, how many linked cars are in the Shocker’s train?

On the Road Again

Each summer Radolpho, Lucia and Mya, along with their families, spend two weeks on vacation at their shared lake house.

Mya travels the furthest distance to get to the lake house from her home. Mya’s truck has a fuel tank that holds 12 gallons of gas, and she can drive an average of 22 miles per gallon of gas. If Mya leaves home with a full tank of gas, drives directly to the lake house, and arrives with exactly 1/8 tank of gas remaining, how far does Mya travel from her home to the lake house?

Planning for Next Year

Before Kyra’s school moved to distance learning because of the COVID-19 outbreak, her school building was overcrowded due to a lot of new registered students. Classroom space was a real issue. In looking ahead to next year, the administration figures that if teachers did not stay in their classrooms during their planning/off periods and allow other teachers to come in to use the room, it might free up space and the administration could hire more teachers.