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Competition Volunteers
Thank you coordinators for making this experience possible. We would never be here without you.
-Miriam, competition alumna
Chapter and state coordinators, question writers, reviewers and judges touch the lives of every student who participates in a MATHCOUNTS competition. More than 600 competition coordinators, many of whom are engineers affiliated with the National Society of Professional Engineers, go beyond typical volunteering. These volunteers plan and run more than 550 chapter competitions and 56 state competitions every year. A Question Writing Committee, selected with help from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, as well as reviewers, proofreaders and judges help make our competitions unique, creative and challenging.
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[My coach] taught that loving what you do is most important and to never give up. He changed my view on problem-solving. It was no longer an obstruction to success, but rather a gateway for me to explore.
-Andrew, competition alumnus
Our coaches, club leaders and video team advisors inspire and prepare the next generation of problem solvers. Thousands of educators, engineers, alumni and friends dedicate their time to lead MATHCOUNTS programs in their schools, Girl Scout troops, Boys & Girls Clubs, and math circles, proving support and mentorship to our Mathletes.
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Alumni of the Program
Once a Mathlete, always a Mathlete.
We have an alumni network of more than 6 million people who have become educators, engineers, volunteers and STEM advocates. Alumni support our program in so many ways, and many have gone on to make a difference in their communities and the world. Last year, more than 400 MATHCOUNTS coaches were alumni. If you participated in a MATHCOUNTS program as a middle school student, we want to hear from you!
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Individual Donors
Thank you for helping us ensure every student reaches his or her full potential in math.
The generosity of our individual donors reminds us that MATHCOUNTS is more than just a program. It is a community. Many of our donors are volunteers, alumni and parents of alumni, and we are so grateful for their generosity. Last year, our donors helped MATHCOUNTS send more than 1,100 Mathletes from low-income schools to their local competitions.