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OPLET Frequently Asked Questions


Database Features


How many problems does OPLET contain?

OPLET contains approximately 15,500 problems from previous MATHCOUNTS competitions and school handbooks.


Does OPLET contain solutions to the problems in the database?

OPLET contains the answers to all problems, but not all problems have solutions available. Currently over 6,500 of these problems are available with detailed solutions. This number will continue to grow as we add solutions to existing problems.


Can I select problems from a specific competition or handbook?

OPLET does not to allow users to select problems from a specific competition or handbook. For example, you will not be able to extract the entire 2007 Chapter Competition or select individual problems from that competition (i.e., Sprint Round #12). However, it is possible to search for problems from a specific date range (i.e., 2005-2008), problem type (i.e., Team Round problems), and difficulty level.


How do I find out more about OPLET?

Click here to view the OPLET preview, which contains screenshots of the MATHCOUNTS OPLET. You may also contact MATHCOUNTS at (703) 299-9006 or for more information.


Subscription Information


How much does an OPLET subscription cost?

A 12-month subscription to OPLET costs $275. A $5 discount per registered Competition Program student up to a maximum of ten students is available to schools registered for the MATHCOUNTS Competition Program. For example, a school with ten students registered would receive a $50 discount and be able to purchase a subscription for $225.


Who is entitled to a discount?

Only coaches of registered competition schools are entitled to receive the discounted rate. Parents who purchase a subscription for use with their own children must pay the full subscription price, even if their school is registered for the MATHCOUNTS Competition Program.


How do I give OPLET access to other teachers at my school?

Schools which purchase OPLET may grant access to the subscription to up six teachers from the same school. Teachers from neighboring schools (i.e., two schools in the same school district) may not share a single subscription. Non-teachers (i.e., parents) are only eligible to be considered additional users if they actively participate in coaching the school’s MATHCOUNTS program. OPLET subscribers may grant this access by completing and sbumitting the Multiple User Authorization Form.


I am unable to pay using a credit card. Is it still possible to purchase an OPLET subscription?

OPLET can be purchased by check or Purchase Order by completing our OPLET Offline Subscription Form.


Is it possible to cancel an OPLET subscription and receive a refund?

Due to the nature of OPLET and its 12-month subscription, mid-year cancellations are not permitted.




I am experiencing difficulties using OPLET. Who should I contact?

Contact David Dumas at (703) 299-9006, ext. 102 or