MATHCOUNTS provides tons of free online resources for middle school math students that make great additions to any online learning routine. Which are best for you and your students? Check out our guide below or take a look at our list of resources categorized by topic!

Recommended for At-Home Learning
Problem of the Week

Each Monday, we post an original math problem geared toward middle school students. Solutions to last week's problem are posted each Monday as well!


Use a MATHCOUNTS Mini, hosted by Richard Rusczyk of AoPS, for your next online learning session. Each Mini includes a video teaching a problem-solving technique, an activity sheet and solutions. Check out our Minis Library page for a full list of great Minis we've highlighted for at-home learning.

Practice Plans

MATHCOUNTS Practice Plans are great for middle school students working on their own or teachers looking for great, pre-planned virtual lessons. Each plan is intended to cover a 45-60-minute lesson and includes a warm-up, video, problem set and optional extension.

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Fun Math for Families

The National Math Club provides free math games and activities for students of all skill levels, all accessible online. "Club Leaders" don't need a math background to facilitate or play the games. Sign up for free to get immediate access to fun math from home!

Other Great Resources
School Handbook

The 2020-2021 MATHCOUNTS School Handbook contains 200 creative problems meeting National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Grades 6-8 Standards. You can download the free online version or buy your own copy with step-by-step solutions for every problem!

Interactive Platform

Access thousands of MATHCOUNTS problems for free on the Interactive MATHCOUNTS Platform! With this reboot of popular MATHCOUNTS materials, powered by NextThought, students can discuss problems in real time, access helpful teaching video resources, receive help from coaches and collaborate with teammates and peers across the country...all from home!

AoPS Trainer App

Presented by Art of Problem Solving, this app includes thousands of problems from MATHCOUNTS School, Chapter, State, and National Competitions. Real-time dashboards allow players to track their progress and see their standing compared to other players, which makes it a great way to keep the competitive fun of MATHCOUNTS alive at home!