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Math Video Challenge Playbook
The 2020-2021 Math Video Challenge Playbook is the primary resource for this program. It includes:
  • 250 math problems, organized by math topic
  • Answers and problem index for all 250 problems
  • A guide for new team advisors
  • Critical dates and new program information

Support from DoD STEM helps ensure MATHCOUNTS can offer math resources and programs, like the Math Video Challenge, completely for free.

Rules & Guidelines

Rules & FAQ

Ensure your team understands the Math Video Challenge Official Rules + Terms of Participation. See answers to common questions for students and team advisors.

Outside Help Guidelines

Math Video Challenge is a contest for students and a learning experience, which means the students must do all of the work for the video. Look through the Outside Help Guidelines to learn more about how to distinguish between appropriate advising and inappropriate outside help.

Copyrighted Materials Guidelines

Including music and other audiovisual content can add a spark to your video...but you must follow the rules! Look through the Copyrighted Materials Guidelines to learn more about how to include video clips, music, images, sound effects and other content while still following the contest rules.

Technical Guidelines

Learning to use new technology is an important part of this program, but you still can produce a video for free. Look through the Technical Guidelines to learn more about what is required and recommended for Math Video Challenge submissions.

Judging Guidelines

See how Math Video Challenge submissions will be scored by judges. Learn more about what judges are looking for as they evaluate a video's mathematical content, communication, creativity, real-world scenario and adherence to rules.
Tools & Resources

Video Spotlight

Watch past submissions that excelled in mathematical content, communication, creativity and/or real-world scenario. Read detailed summaries of what judges liked about each video to understand why they scored high in a particular area.

Animated Video Resources

Creating an animated video is a great option for teams that can’t meet in person to film a scene together. Check out this guide to find which animation style is best suited for your team to collaborate remotely.

Animated Video Spotlight

Watch past submissions to see examples of different animation styles.

Brainstorming Graphic Organizers

Use these graphic organizers to organize your thoughts. Give one to each team member during your brainstorming sessions to ensure every student's ideas are considered.

Storyboarding Template

Use this template to outline your story scene-by-scene. This is an incredibly important (but often overlooked) step for creating a video. Before you write your script and start filming, know what will happen in each scene! Make as many copies of this resource as needed.

Video Assessment Rubric Templates for Teachers

Using the Math Video Challenge as a class project in your math class? Feel free to use and modify our rubric template to make it easier for your students to understand the expectations (and easier for you to grade your students' final projects). Two versions are included in this download—one with pre-determined values adding up to 100 points and one without any pre-determined values.

Offline Parent/Guardian Permission Form

We prefer for team advisors to request parent/guardian permission online through the Math Video Challenge website, but teams also may use this offline form. Please type or print neatly and then ensure the parent/guardian has signed the form.  

Video Release for Non-Team Member (Minor)

Teams are allowed to feature other minors or adults who are not one of the 4 registered team members, but anyone who appears in your video must sign a video release. For anyone under 18 years of age, a parent/guardian is required to sign a video release, which the team advisor should keep on file.

Video Submission Checklist

Team advisors will need to provide information about the team's video when they upload and approve it to the Math Video Challenge website. Students should use this form (which is based on the questions in the upload webpage) to give this information to the advisor.

Video Release for Non-Team Member (Adult)

Teams are allowed to feature other minors or adults who are not one of the 4 registered team members, but anyone who appears in your video must sign a video release. If your dad reluctantly agrees to that cameo in what becomes a scene-stealing performance in your video...make sure your team advisor has a video release for him on file!