Robbery Triangle

Submitted by Pallavi Naravane on Thu, 03/31/2022 - 22:27

Team Absolutely Irrational solves problem 60 in Measurement category.
A thief is on the loose, and had robbed 3 houses, the coordinates of the 3 vertices of a triangle. The cops are on alert, if they find the area of the triangle, they can launch the search in that area. The first cop solves using 1/2 x Base x Height. Second Cop solves using Shoelace Method, third cop solves using Heron's Formula.

Absolutely Irrational Team:
Shoelace Method Cop: Richaa Volety
Heron's Formula Cop: Dyuthi Prashanth
Dramatic Thief: Jiaan Shah
Basic method cop: Arnav Gupta

Special Appearance: Aditya Naravane as Mad Mastermind

Advisor: Mrs. Pallavi Naravane

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Absolutely Irrational