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The Basis for Every Math Video
The 2019-2020 Math Video Challenge Playbook is the primary resource for the Math Video Challenge program. It includes:
  • 250 math problems, organized by math topic
  • Answers and problem index for all 250 problems
  • A guide for new team advisors
  • Critical dates and new program information

What's New This Year

We made a lot of changes to the program based on feedback from teams!
  • Registered teams receive a Producers Kit, which includes a hard copy of the playbook and a smartphone tripod to use for filming.
  • There is no public voting. Every video submission will be scored by judges based on 5 criteria: mathematical content, communication, creativity, real-world scenario and adherence to rules.
  • Students must do all the work for the video. This is a contest and a learning experience; we have more clearly defined our expectations for teams.
  • There are new prizes teams can win. From participation certificates to additional prizes for Quarterfinalists and Semifinalists to new awards, there are many ways teams will be recognized.