Unwrap Your Inner Mathlete®...

We're thrilled that you'd like to participate in MATHCOUNTS! Whether you're already a math whiz and need an extra challenge, or you're still not 100% convinced that math is for you, you've come to the right place! MATHCOUNTS provides students with fun, exciting math opportunities that go beyond typical classroom experiences. Learn more about our three programs and fundraising tool below.


MATHCOUNTS Competition Series

The MATHCOUNTS Competition Series is the only competition of its kind, with live, in-person contests taking place in over 500 local chapters nationwide. With four levels of competition - school, chapter, state and national - the Competition Series gives students the opportunity to compete against and alongside other bright, motivated students in head-to-head "bee-style" contests. Each year, students competing at the chapter, state and national level win hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships and prizes. If you have a talent for math and want to show it, then ask your math teacher to register your school. Click here to learn more about the MATHCOUNTS Competition Series.


The National Math Club

The National Math Club gives teachers and coaches the materials, resources and prizes to create and run a math club. With creative, fun, interactive activities and great awards for active clubs, The National Math Club makes math engaging and interesting for students of all ability and interest levels. If you tend to shy away from math, but would enjoy working on unique math projects in a relaxed, social setting, then ask your teacher, organization leader or parent to sign up. Click here to learn more about The National Math Club.


Math Video Challenge

The Math Video Challenge gives students the opportunity to combine math, creativity and technology in a fun, unique way. Students work in teams of four to create a video that answers a MATHCOUNTS problem and demonstrates the real-world application of the math problem. If you have a passion for technology, and thrive when you're working on creative projects, then ask your teacher, organization leader or parent to sign up. Click here to learn more about the Math Video Challenge.