Once a Mathlete, always a Mathlete.
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How Do I Know If I'm an Alumnus/a?
  • Do you feel a wave of nostalgia when you see right triangles because they remind you of the MATHCOUNTS trophy still sitting on the shelf of your childhood bedroom?
  • Do you associate the word "math" with games, fun and those brownies your coach or club leader used to bring to math club meetings?
  • Do you know how to make math problems come to life with nothing more than your creativity and royalty-free iMovie music?

In other words, you're a MATHCOUNTS alumnus/a if at any point during grades 6-8 you...

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MATHCOUNTS Alumni Scholarship

A $3,000 award presented to an outstanding alumnus/a whose experience in MATHCOUNTS had an impact on his/her academic or professional pursuits. Applications for the 2021 scholarship are due December 15, 2020.

Other Scholarships + Opportunities

Scholarships, fellowships and more from some MATHCOUNTS sponsors, as well as other organizations that support STEM education. More opportunities coming soon!
Spotlighted Alumni


See the past winners of the MATHCOUNTS Competition Series and Math Video Challenge. Page coming soon!

MATHCOUNTS Alumni Scholarship Winners

Meet the awesome students whose time in MATHCOUNTS had a significant impact on their academic and professional pursuits...and who have gone on to do great things!

MATHCOUNTS Distinguished Alumni

Meet the dedicated alumni who have supported the MATHCOUNTS Foundation and shown a passion for expanding educational opportunities for students.