Join Our Mission

The work we do would not be possible without the generous support of companies and organizations that are dedicated to providing STEM learning opportunities to students. MATHCOUNTS was founded over 30 years ago through a collaboration between the National Society of Professional Engineers, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the CNA Foundation because these organizations saw a need for more meaningful extracurricular math opportunities.

In some ways the impact of corporate contributions is immeasurable, but there are also tangible, significant results that we can measure:

  • We know almost 150,000 students can compete in live, in-person events each year because sponsor support helps reduce registration costs for the Competition Series.
  • We know thousands of students who attend schools in low-income areas are able to participate in MATHCOUNTS because sponsor support enables us to provide free and discounted programming to Title I schools.
  • We know over 500 local competitions take place every year because of a network of volunteers who donate their time—the vast majority of whom are affiliated with organizations that sponsor MATHCOUNTS.
  • We know thousands of students have been able to bring their math skills and creativity to life using a sponsor-supported web platform created for the Math Video Challenge.
  • We know thousands of teachers have received free books, hands-on materials and online resources through The National Math Club this year because of corporate funding.

Simply put, the support of our corporate partners is invaluable. Currently our National Sponsors include Raytheon Company, the Northrop Grumman Foundation, the U.S. Department of Defense, the National Society of Professional Engineers, Phillips 66, Texas Instruments Incorporated, 3Mgives, the CNA Foundation, Art of Problem Solving and NextThought.

Together, we are preparing the next generation of problem solvers, STEM professionals and leaders. If you are interested in learning how your organization can become a MATHCOUNTS partner, please contact Amanda Naar, Deputy Director & Director of Strategy at