Volunteer Chapter and State Coordinators play a critical role in the MATHCOUNTS Competition Series. While it can safely be assumed the MATHCOUNTS organization and the volunteers who carry out their local programs work toward the same mission, it is important to have a common understanding and an agreement regarding how we work together (1) to ensure the safety of participants and volunteers and (2) to uphold the MATHCOUNTS brand we have all worked so hard to establish.

What MATHCOUNTS Provides to Coordinators

MATHCOUNTS values its volunteers and will provide volunteer coordinators with the following:

  • The Coordinator Manual
  • All necessary student testing materials
  • Various training opportunities
  • Online access to coordinator resources
  • A social networking LinkedIn group
  • Dedicated support from the national staff

(Details of these offerings can be found here.)

Expectations for Volunteer Coordinators

Volunteer Chapter and State Coordinators work tirelessly to conduct their local competition events. While participants benefit from the flexibility that is afforded to some aspects of these events, there is a need for some common expectations to ensure safety and to maintain consistency of program quality. To that end, MATHCOUNTS expects volunteer coordinators will:

  • Plan and design MATHCOUNTS events so student participants are always supervised by responsible adults and no student is alone with an adult during the competition event.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of participants’ personal information. (Any information collected on behalf of MATHCOUNTS must be sent directly to the national office and may not be saved, used or shared at the local or state level.
  • Represent MATHCOUNTS with pride, professionalism and courteous behavior.
  • Administer the competition in accordance with all established national procedures and rules.
  • Complete the 6 essential coordinator duties outlined in the Coordinator WINNER Blueprint.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of testing materials before, during and after the competition.

(Details of these expectations can be found here.)

A MATHCOUNTS Chapter and/or State Coordinator is a volunteer and all duties associated with the role are performed on a voluntary basis without remuneration or payment for the work. Neither MATHCOUNTS nor the volunteer intend any employment or contractual relationship to be created.

MATHCOUNTS does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, creed, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical disability or ethnic origin.

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