Our Mission

MATHCOUNTS provides engaging math programs to US middle school students of all ability levels to build confidence and improve attitudes about math and problem solving.

Welcome to MATHCOUNTS!

The MATHCOUNTS Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that reaches students in grades 6-8 in all US states and territories with 2 extracurricular math programs. Hundreds of thousands of students participate in our programs or use our resources each year.

There are many paths to
success in math. We help
all students discover theirs.



Our approach is simple.

We make learning math fun. We believe middle school is a critical juncture when a love of math must be encouraged, and a fear of math must be overcome. Our programs build problem solving skills and positive attitudes about math, so students embrace challenges and expand their academic and career opportunities in the future.

Financial Information 

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Our Programs
MATHCOUNTS Competition Series

We cultivate talent in the nation's brightest young minds through the MATHCOUNTS Competition Series. We bring together students from all 50 states in a series of in-person contests—the only competition program of its kind.

The National Math Club

We inspire curiosity and build confidence in students of all levels through the National Math Club. We help create a space where learning math is fun, social and supportive, so that every student becomes a lifelong math learner.

Our History

  • 1983: MATHCOUNTS Foundation is established in February by the National Society of Professional Engineers, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and CNA Insurance.
  • 1983: The MATHCOUNTS Competition Series is launched in the fall, with the first School Handbook released to U.S. middle schools nationwide.
  • 1984: The first MATHCOUNTS National Competition takes place at George Washington University, May 18-19, bringing together students from 47 states plus the District of Columbia.
  • 2007: The National Math Club is launched in the fall (as the MATHCOUNTS Club Program).
  • 2011: The Math Video Challenge is launched in the fall (as Reel Math Challenge).
  • 2012: MATHCOUNTS enters its 30th year.
  • 2013: MATHCOUNTS undergoes a rebranding, starting with the 2013-2014 program year.
  • 2018: Luke Robitaille of Texas becomes the first ever repeat National Champion on May 14 at the 2018 Raytheon MATHCOUNTS National Competition.
  • 2022: MATHCOUNTS enters its 40th year.
  • 2023: MATHCOUNTS revamps the National Math Club to combine the National Math Club and the Math Video Challenge into one program.
Our Accolades

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