Congratulations to the MATHCOUNTS Alumni Scholarship Winners!


Layla Dawit

Layla Dawit was a member of the first all-girls team to represent Washington, D.C. at a MATHCOUNTS National Competition. Inspired by the community she found at MATHCOUNTS, Dawit co-founded Gxrls in STEM Magazine, a student-run publication connecting female and nonbinary high schoolers across five continents.

Sejal Rathi

Sejal Rathi was a MATHCOUNTS state competitor in 2018 and is currently a MATHCOUNTS coach. Rathi co-founded the Bay Area chapter of inteGIRLS to help encourage girls to pursue mathematics. She also started Omega Learn, a nonprofit offering free classes and resources for students preparing for STEM competitions.



Neha Basu, AZ; Noah Chung, HI; Alexander Ivan, AL; Sonia Jin, MI; Niles Liu, MA; Ijay Narang, NC; James Shi, AL; Sanjay Soni, NV; Daniel Xia, NJ; Rowechen Zhong, TX



Samuel Barans, OH; Jed Cole, KS; Brian Jiang, TX; Aryan Kalia, CT; Rudra Krishnamurthy, TX; Devika Kumar, FL; Nathra Ramrajvel, IL; Anna Saathoff, CO; Tesla Schafer, UT; Easton Singer, OH; Lillian Sun, VA; Tristina Ting, SD; Jenny Wei, TX; Andrew Yang, RI; Melody Yeh, NM; Andrew Zhou, MI

Andrew Cai

From Suglarland, TX, Andrew is a three-time MATHCOUNTS national competitor who created free online math lessons to support online learning during the pandemic.

Dev Chheda

From Charlotte, NC, Dev is a MATHCOUNS coach and event volunteer who developed an algorithmic solution to address gerrymandering.

William Hu

From Staten Island, NY, William is the founder of a local math club who helped establish a new MATHCOUNTS Competition Series chapter for his home borough.

Khushi Kohli

From Overland Park, KS, Khushi is a girls-in-math advocate who runs art-based math competitions and developed a docking model to aid cancer drug design.

Sophie Wu

From San Diego, CA, Sophie is a volunteer math educator who leads a local chapter of a non-profit organization that runs math events for girls.


Catherine Cossaboom, GA; Jennifer John, CA; Elena Yang, ID


Foyez Alauddin, NY; Kaleb Alden, KY; Christine Budd, IL; Sunmisola Dosu, TX; Samuel Florin, CT; Alicia Gopal, CT; Yicheng Huang, NM; Sri Jaladi, MO; Nicholos Joseph, TX; Saniya Karwa, CA; Hyunjin Christina Lee, PA; Sean Li, CA; Tarun Martheswaran, UT; Agustya Matheth, AZ; Kishore Rajesh, AZ; Alexander Riedel, MD; Ananya Tadigadapa, PA; Grace Zhang, CO

Trisha Boonpongmanee, WA

Trisha was inspired by her MATHCOUNTS experience to revive a middle school math competition in her community, spearheading the effort as the tournament director.

Marie Brodsky, MD

Marie has proven her passion for math education by leading the "Conversations in Math" math circle program, organizing a TEDx event at her school, serving as the school's Math Modeling Club president, and even working on her own book about it!

Lauren Chen, SC

As a MATHCOUNTS coach, Lauren has tweaked her teaching methods in a way that has encouraged more girls to join the team. She also founded a Mu Alpha Theta chapter at her school and invited female guest speakers to talk about their STEM careers.

Sri Meghana Kopparthi, FL

As a MATHCOUNTS coach, Sri has been inspired by the artistic talents of her students to take a more creative, collaborative approach to teaching math. She has founded her own nonprofit tutoring business to raise money for her mother's home village in India.


Alexander Bean, NV
Aleya Bia, NM
Govind Chada, TX
Connie Chen, IL
Neil Deshmukh, PA
Gabriel Diraviam, FL
Elizabeth Kemp, TX
Anne Li, AR
Rupert Li, OR
Austen Mazenko, CO
Prastik Mohanraj, CT
Christopher Pondoc, MD
Joy Shi, MD
Past Winners

2019: Meena Boppana

As a high school student, Meena started her own MATHCOUNTS team at Girls Prep in Lower Manhattan. After working as a software engineer for a few years, Meena decided to return to Harvard to earn a Master's in education and become a math teacher.

2019 (runner-up): Karen Ge

At 18, Karen already had become a MATHCOUNTS coach, founded her own non-profit tutoring organization and even published her own book about her MATHCOUNTS experiences.

2018: Colin Hill

Colin was the Competition Coordinator of the longstanding Yale MATHCOUNTS Outreach club. He was responsible for organizing MATHCOUNTS Outreach's annual competition for more than 200 middle school students in New Haven, CT.

2017: Kaylee de Soto

After Kaylee learned that her former middle school's MATHCOUNTS program had ended, she set out to restart the program. Kaylee also led a student-run tutoring company, Tutoring for Tomorrow, which raised $10,000 annually to support public school extracurricular activities in her community.

2016: Jacob Wachspress

Through Princeton University’s Bridge Year Program, Jacob worked as a math teacher for elementary, middle and high school students in Bolivia.

2015: Shyam Narayanan

Shyam used his "Who Wants to Be a Mathematician?" prize money contest to found a Mu Alpha Theta club in his high school. He also was a volunteer tutor for elementary, middle and high school students and a volunteer MATHCOUNTS co-coach.

2014: Adrienne Carmack

Adrienne was a MATHCOUNTS coach during all four years of high school. She then joined AmeriCorps to work with Girl Scouts of Maine, where she created financial literacy planning programming and led troops.