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Adrienne Carmack is the winner of the 2014 MATHCOUNTS Alumni Scholarship. A former national competitor from Maine, Adrienne later served as a volunteer MATHCOUNTS coach for four years during high school. After graduating second in her class with numerous academic and extracurricular honors, she joined AmeriCorps, where she worked with Girl Scouts of Maine designing financial literacy programming and leading troops. Inspired by her work with children, Carmack aspires to be a high school teacher and clinical psychologist.


MATHCOUNTS shaped my middle school experience in countless ways, cultivating the love of math I already had and giving me the chance to see how far math could take me. It prepared me for the next level of math, as well as for future math competitions, and gave me role models in my coaches and friends in my fellow Mathletes. Most importantly, participating in MATHCOUNTS in middle school taught me to approach the rest of my studies—and the rest of my life—in the way in which we learned at those 7 AM practices: creatively, uniquely, and collaboratively.

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