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School Name City State Coach Participants
Avenues Online - Boca Raton FL (Boca Raton, FL) Boca Raton FL Kevin Polke 1
Avenues Online - Manhattan NY (New York City, NY) New York City NY Kevin Polke 1
Avenues Online - Naples FL (Naples, FL) Naples FL Kevin Polke 1
Avenues Online - Palo Alto CA (Palo Alto, CA) Palo Alto CA Kevin Polke 1
Avenues Online - Redwood City CA (Redwood City, CA) Redwood City CA Kevin Polke 1
Avenues Online - Woodstock GA (Woodstock, GA) Woodstock GA Kevin Polke 1
Avenues Online - Yorba Linda CA (Yorba Linda, CA) Yorba Linda CA Kevin Polke 2
Avenues: The World School (New York, NY) New York NY Kevin Polke 15
Aviano Middle High School (APO AE, DD) APO AE DD Maria Linda Ledesma 4
Avon Middle School (Avon, CT) Avon CT Nicole Gresh 8
Baccalaureate School for Global Education (Astoria, NY) Astoria NY Michael Mehan 15
Bahrain School (FPO, AE, DD) FPO, AE DD Constance McAninch 4
Baird Homeschool (Kimberly, ID) Kimberly ID Emmylou Baird 2
Baker Middle School (Troy, MI) Troy MI Lindsey Becker 10
Ballard Middle School (Huxley, IA) Huxley IA Mike Carr 15
Ballenger Creek Middle School (Frederick, MD) Frederick MD Christian Wolfe 10
Bancroft School (Worcester, MA) Worcester MA Grant Phillips 4
Banner County School (Harrisburg, NE) Harrisburg NE Nancy Olsesn 6
Barker Middle School (Michigan City, IN) Michigan City IN Kathleen Gushrowski 10
Barker Road Middle School (Pittsford, NY) Pittsford NY Kelly Knight 7
Barnette Magnet School (Fairbanks, AK) Fairbanks AK Michelle Heminger 3
Barnstable Intermediate School (Hyannis, MA) Hyannis MA Bridget Eklund 4
Barone Middle School (Meeker, CO) Meeker CO Amy Chinn 10
Barrington Middle School (Barrington, RI) Barrington RI Sarah Orrall 13
Barrington Middle School Prairie Barrington IL Amy Boucek 10