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Although this list is updated regularly, it can take time to process some registrations, so please check back if your school’s registration is not immediately reflected here. If your school is not listed 7 days after you’ve submitted your registration, please email us at to confirm your registration was received.

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School Name Citysort descending State Coach T I
Howland Middle School (Warren, OH) Warren OH Von Rae Williams 1 0
Langley Bath Clearwater Middle School (Warrenville, SC) Warrenville SC Alecia Browning 1 6
Aiken Area Home Educators School (Warrenville, SC) Warrenville SC Jonathan Hoyle 1 2
Washburn Public School (Washburn, ND) Washburn ND Melissa Rothe 1 6
Paul PCS - Middle (Washington, DC) Washington DC Paul Deckard 1 6
My Tech High - Cedar City (Washington, UT) Washington UT Jill Rae 0 1
Lincoln Middle School (Washington, DC) Washington DC Michael Schroeder 1 6
Karachi American School (Washington, SS) Washington SS Faheem Khan 1 0
Howard University Middle School of Mathematics and Science (Washington, DC) Washington DC Kathryn Procope 1 4
Capitol Hill Day School (Washington, DC) Washington DC Denise Smith 1 6
Washington Fields Intermediate (Washington, UT) Washington UT Jamie Drew 1 2
Beverly Manor Junior High School (Washington, IL) Washington IL Elizabeth O'Neill 1 6
Alice Deal Middle School (Washington, DC) Washington DC Ariel Kramer 1 4
American Embassy School - New Delhi (Washington, SS) Washington SS Fumiaki Miyata 1 4
Friendship Armstrong (Washington, DC) Washington DC Kyung Kim 1 1
Holy Trinity School (Washington, DC) Washington DC Kevin McShane 1 4
St Albans School (Washington, DC) Washington DC Jodi Meunier 1 6
Trinity Middle School (Washington, PA) Washington PA Nick Phillips 1 6
Lowell School (Washington, DC) Washington DC David Sheridan 1 6
John F Kennedy Catholic School (Washington, PA) Washington PA Christine Coyle 1 6
Maret School (Washington, DC) Washington DC Beth Morris 1 6
Washington Middle School (Washington, IL) Washington IL Steve Strickler 1 0
Sidwell Friends School (Washington, DC) Washington DC Andrew Callard 1 6
Friendship Ideal Academy (Washington, DC) Washington DC Kimberly Caldwell-Jackson 1 0
Saint Anselms Abbey School (Washington, DC) Washington DC Chris Battle 1 6