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School Name City State Coach T I
Archie R Cole Middle School (East Greenwich, RI) East Greenwich RI Lin Sun 1 6
Archimedean Middle Conservatory (Miami, FL) Miami FL Leonidas Artopoulos 1 6
Arcola Intermediate School (Eagleville, PA) Eagleville PA Hayden Hamilton 1 6
Ardenwood Elementary School (Fremont, CA) Fremont CA Antoinette Schlobohm 1 6
Ardis Egan Junior High School (Los Altos, CA) Los Altos CA Laura Massaro 1 6
Ardsley Middle School (Ardsley, NY) Ardsley NY Linda Nappi 1 6
Arendell Parrott Academy (Kinston, NC) Kinston NC Tonya McLawhorn 1 6
Argyle Middle School (Silver Spring , MD) Silver Spring MD Edward Wheeler 1 0
Arizona College Prep - Oakland Campus (Chandler, AZ) Chandler AZ Wendy Heun 1 6
Armstrong Middle School (Starkville, MS) Starkville MS Amanda Gammill 1 6
Armstrong Middle School (Rayne, LA) Rayne LA Simone Stutes 1 6
Armstrong-Ellis Grade School (Armstrong, IL) Armstrong IL Kurt Thornsbrough 1 4
Arnall Middle School (Newnan, GA) Newnan GA Brenda Morris 1 6
Arroyo Vista School (RSM, CA) RSM CA Jennifer Vega 1 6
Arts Impact Middle School (Columbus, OH) Columbus OH Kevin Mastroianni 1 0
Arvida Middle School (Miami, FL) Miami FL Paul Lundblad 1 6
Asa Clark Middle School (Pewaukee, WI) Pewaukee WI AJ Giese 1 4
Ascencion Solorsano Middle Sch (Gilroy, CA) Gilroy CA Kelley Barnes 1 1
Ascension Academy (Amarillo, TX) Amarillo TX Nirmala Narasimhan 1 5
Ascension Episcopal School (LAFAYETTE, LA) LAFAYETTE LA Lauren Daly 1 6
Ascension Episcopal School (Youngsville, LA) Youngsville LA Stephan Collins 1 0
Ashbrook Independent School (Corvallis, OR) Corvallis OR Paul Hunt 1 4
Asheville Home School Math Club (Arden, NC) Arden NC Jonah Swann 1 6
Asheville Middle School (Asheville, NC) Asheville NC Matt Raley 1 6
Ashford School (Ashford, CT) Ashford CT Darcy Compton 1 2