Use the filter tools below to find a registered school, including the number of teams (T) and individuals (I) each school has registered for the MATHCOUNTS Competition Series this year.

Although this list is updated regularly, it can take time to process some registrations, so please check back if your school’s registration is not immediately reflected here. If your school is not listed 7 days after you’ve submitted your registration, please email us at to confirm your registration was received.

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School Name City State Coach T I
Amherst Christian Academy (Amherst, NY) Amherst NY Matthew Goehrig 0 1
Amherst Regional Middle School (Amherst, MA) Amherst MA Jonathan Newman 1 4
Amity Middle School (Bethany, CT) Bethany CT Andrea Fleischman 1 6
Amity Middle School (Orange, CT) Orange CT Jennifer Adelson 1 6
Ammons Middle School (Miami, FL) Miami FL Martha Ruiz 1 0
Amphitheater Middle School (Tucson, AZ) Tucson AZ Mateo Arredondo 1 5
Anchorage Public School (Anchorage, KY) Anchorage KY Melissa Sangster 1 6
Andersen Middle School (Yigo, GU) Yigo GU Junior O'Brien 1 0
Anderson Middle School (Lawrenceburg, KY) Lawrenceburg KY Alex Hunter 1 6
Anderson Middle School (Anderson, CA) Anderson CA Kara Larrucea 1 3
Anderson School (Bozeman, MT) Bozeman MT Heidi Fasting 1 4
Andrew Mellon Middle School (Pittsburgh, PA) Pittsburgh PA Timothy Smith 1 6
Andrews Middle School (Medford, MA) Medford MA Carolina Vila 1 0
Angevine Middle School (Lafayette, CO) Lafayette CO Heidi Reeg 1 6
Anglo American School Of Moscow (Dulles, VA) Dulles SS Laurel Ridley 1 0
Anglo American School Of Sofia (Sofia, SS) Sofia SS Steve Hoborough 1 4
Ankara Elementary/High School (APO AE, DD) APO AE DD Kadioglu Senem 1 0
Ann Hawkins Gentry Middle School (Columbia, MO) Columbia MO Frank Barhorst 1 6
Ann Simpson Davis Middle School (Dublin, OH) Dublin OH CJ Pless 1 2
Anna Middle School (Anna, OH) Anna OH Michele McMahon 1 6
Anne Arundel Homeschoolers (Odenton, MD) Odenton MD Kelly Lovar 1 2
Annoor Academy (Knoxville, TN) Knoxville TN Kareem Attia 1 4
Annunciation Catholic School (Havelock, NC) Havelock NC Nolan Tomboulian 1 0
Annunciation Catholic School (Middleburg, FL) Middleburg FL Diane Kilgore 1 3
Annunciation Day School (Atlanta, GA) Atlanta GA Amy Whaley 1 1