Use the filter tools below to find a registered school, including the number of teams (T) and individuals (I) each school has registered for the MATHCOUNTS Competition Series this year.

Although this list is updated regularly, it can take time to process some registrations, so please check back if your school’s registration is not immediately reflected here. If your school is not listed 7 days after you’ve submitted your registration, please email us at to confirm your registration was received.

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School Name City State Coach T I
Walter C Young Middle School (Pembroke Pines, FL) Pembroke Pines FL Susan Vestal 1 6
Walter R Johnson Middle School (Morganton, NC) Morganton NC Katie Gordon 1 4
Walter R Sundling Junior High School (Palatine, IL) Palatine IL Patti Palmer 1 0
Walter Reed Middle School (North Hollywood, CA) North Hollywood CA Ann Lawrence 1 6
Walters Middle School (Walters, OK) Walters OK Dossanna Miller 1 4
Wamsutta Middle School (Attleboro, MA) Attleboro MA Nicole Simkins 1 4
Wappingers Junior High School (Wappingers Falls, NY) Wappingers Falls NY Komal Agrawal 1 1
Ware County Middle School (Waycross, GA) Waycross GA David Powers 1 6
Warner Middle School (Warner, SD) Warner SD Jackie McNeil 1 0
Warren East Middle School (Bowling Green, KY) Bowling Green KY Amber Byrns 1 4
Warrington Middle School (Pensacola, FL) Pensacola FL Laura Geri 1 6
Wasatch Junior High School (Salt Lake City, UT) Salt Lake City UT Charity Gleason 1 6
Washburn Public School (Washburn, ND) Washburn ND Melissa Rothe 1 6
Washburn Rural Middle School (Topeka, KS) Topeka KS Jenny Wilcox 1 0
Washington Colony Elementary K-8 School (Fresno, CA) Fresno CA Mark Marquez 1 6
Washington Elementary School (Santa Barbara, CA) Santa Barbara CA Stephanie Poole 0 2
Washington Fields Intermediate (Washington, UT) Washington UT Jamie Drew 1 2
Washington Gifted School (Peoria, IL) Peoria IL Jeff Venegas 1 6
Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School (Manhattan, NY) Manhattan NY Brianna Zapata 1 6
Washington Irving Middle School (Clarksburg, WV) Clarksburg WVT Staci Nutter 1 4
Washington Junior High School (Rock Island, IL) Rock Island IL Larry Harris 1 6
Washington Junior High School (Bentonville, AR) Bentonville AR Cindy Allen 1 6
Washington Middle School (Honolulu, HI) Honolulu HI Sung Park 1 6
Washington Middle School (Glendive, MT) Glendive MT Lee Miller 1 0
Washington Middle School (Washington, IL) Washington IL Steve Strickler 1 0