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School Name City State Coach T I
St Francis of Assisi School (Louisville, KY) Louisville KY Mary Whitfield 1 0
St Helena School (Edison, NJ) Edison NJ Rosalie Intartaglia 1 6
St Hope Leadership Academy (New York, NY) New York NY Lauren Lunaeu 1 3
St James Lutheran (Shawano, WI) Shawano WI Tami Hinz 1 0
St James Lutheran School (Chicago, IL) Chicago IL Sheri Meyer 1 2
St James School (Manchester, CT) Manchester CT ANNA PAXI 1 0
St John Regional School (Concord, NH) Concord NH Tara Henley 1 6
St John's Episcopal School (Dallas, TX) Dallas TX David Laffiteau 1 6
St Joseph Elementary School (Des Moines, IA) Des Moines IA Nick Gifford 1 0
St Jude School (Erie, PA) Erie PA Theresa Ferrara 1 4
St Martha School (Okemos, MI) Okemos MI Carolyn Hall 1 0
St Mary's Catholic School (Cheyenne, WY) Cheyenne WY Rebecca Shenefelt 1 0
St Mary's School (Moscow, ID) Moscow ID Jennifer Johnson-Leung 1 0
St Mary's St Alphonsus (Glens Falls, NY) Glens Falls NY Amy Campopiano 1 4
St Michael Albertville Middle School (Saint Michael, MN) Saint Michael MN Pat Mueller 1 6
St Robert Bellarmine School (Omaha, NE) Omaha NE Rene Dytrych 1 0
St Thomas the Apostle School (Glen Mills, PA) Glen Mills PA Greg Szatkowski 1 4
St. Agnes Elementary (Springfield, MO) Springfield MO Cam Branson 1 6
St. Aloysius Academy (Bryn Mawr, PA) Bryn Mawr PA Tricia Goode 1 6
St. Aloysius Middle and High School (Vicksburg, MS) Vicksburg MS Adrienne Eckstein 1 6
St. Alphonsus Catholic School (Greenwell Springs, LA) Greenwell Springs LA Lindsay Simien 1 6
St. Alphonsus School (Langdon, ND) Langdon ND Carol Girodat 0 1
St. Andrew the Apostle (Gladstone, MO) Gladstone MO Kenneth Stedman 1 6
St. Andrew's Episcopal School (Potomac, MD) Potomac MD Paul Ternes 1 2
St. Anne Catholic School (Rock Hill, SC) Rock Hill SC Jennifer Vawter 1 6