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School Name City State Coach T I
South Warren Middle School (Bowling Green, KY) Bowling Green KY Christine Burkeen 1 6
South Webster Jr/Sr High School (South Webster, OH) South Webster OH Jeremy Newman 1 6
South Winneshiek Middle School (Ossian, IA) Ossian IA Connie Franzen 1 2
South Woods Middle School (Syosset, NY) Syosset NY Xiang He 1 0
Southampton Middle School (Bel Air, MD) Bel Air MD Sarah Brown 1 0
Southeast Middle School (St Louis, MO) St Louis MO Michelle Jones 1 2
Southeast Of Saline Junior High School (Gypsum, KS) Gypsum KS Melony McClure 1 6
Southern Hills Middle School (Boulder, CO) Boulder CO Matt McKay 1 2
Southern Lehigh Intermediate School (Bethlehem, PA) Bethlehem PA Kehong Wen 1 4
Southern Lehigh Middle School (Center Valley, PA) Center Valley PA Ronnette Mays 1 4
Southern Middle School (Glen Rock, PA) Glen Rock PA Joel Oswald 1 0
Southern Middle School (Lusby, MD) Lusby MD Laura Birchfield 1 4
Southern Wake Academy (Holly Springs, NC) Holly Springs NC Stephen Kralovich 1 0
Southfield School (Shreveport, LA) Shreveport LA Pete Shumate 1 4
Southmoreland Middle School (Scottdale, PA) Scottdale PA Jim Henigin 1 0
Southview Middle School (Ankeny, IA) Ankeny IA Chuck Duong 0 1
Southwest Christian School Chisolm Trail Campus (Ft. Worth, TX) Ft. Worth TX Andrew Rusch 1 0
Southwest Christian School Lakeside Campus (Fort Worth, TX) Fort Worth TX Andrew Rusch 1 4
Southwest Guilford Middle School (High Point, NC) High Point NC April Glover 1 6
Southwest Junior High School (Lawrence, KS) Lawrence KS Deborah Husted 1 0
Southwest Junior High School (San Luis, AZ) San Luis AZ Teresa Perez 1 6
Southwest Middle School (Jacksonville, NC) Jacksonville NC Lacey Van Dalen 1 0
Southwest Middle School (Rapid City, SD) Rapid City SD Crystal McMachen 1 6
Southwest Middle School (Orlando, FL) Orlando FL Dr. Ruby Evans 1 4
Southwest Middle School (Lakeland, FL) Lakeland FL Amy Lashkajani 1 0