Use the filter tools below to find a registered school, including the number of teams (T) and individuals (I) each school has registered for the MATHCOUNTS Competition Series this year.

Although this list is updated regularly, it can take time to process some registrations, so please check back if your school’s registration is not immediately reflected here. If your school is not listed 7 days after you’ve submitted your registration, please email us at to confirm your registration was received.

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School Name City State Coach T I
Shahala Middle School (Vancouver, WA) Vancouver WA Todd Parsons 1 4
Shaker Junior High School (Latham, NY) Latham NY Michael Moffre 1 6
Shaker Road School (Concord, NH) Concord NH Christine Raby 1 1
Shalom School (Sacramento, CA) Sacramento CA Nancy Leaderman 1 0
Shanghai American School Pudong Middle (Shanghai, SS) Shanghai SS Devon Fisher 1 6
Sharon Academy (Sharon, VT) Sharon VT Sandy Thorne 1 4
Sharon Middle School (Sharon, MA) Sharon MA Laurie Beth Chin 1 6
Sharyland North Junior High School (McAllen, TX) McAllen TX Veronica Gonzalez 1 0
Shasta Elementary (Klamath Falls, OR) Klamath Falls OR Amy Hill 0 1
Shasta Lake School (Shasta Lake, CA) Shasta Lake CA Stacy Baker 1 6
Shaw Heights Middle School (Westminster, CO) Westminster CO Erin Trembly 1 6
Shawnee Middle School (Lima, OH) Lima OH Kevin Favro 1 6
Shelburne Community School (Shelburne, VT) Shelburne VT Lisa Phelps 1 4
Shelby Middle School (Shelby, MI) Shelby MI Maria Salisbury 1 2
Shelton Academy (Doral, FL) Doral FL Ashley Tinsley 1 4
Shelton Intermediate School (Shelton, CT) Shelton CT Eileen Roben 1 6
Shenandoah Middle School (Shenandoah, IA) Shenandoah IA Brett Roberts 1 6
Sheridan Middle School (Thornville, OH) Thornville OH Darla Meyer 1 2
Sherwin Family Homeschool (Evanston, IL) Evanston IL Newt Sherwin 0 1
Sherwood Christian Academy (Albany, GA) Albany GA Matthew Sheets 1 1
Sherwood Middle Academic Magnet School (Baton Rouge, LA) Baton Rouge LA Amanda Ferguson 1 6
Shiloh Christian School (Bismarck, ND) Bismarck ND Andrew Wiedrich 1 4
Shirland Grade School (Shirland, IL) Shirland IL Hannah Pals 1 0
Shoal River Middle School (Crestview, FL) Crestview FL Hope Misiewicz 1 6
Shoreline Junior High (Layton, UT) Layton UT Heidi Jensen 1 4