Use the filter tools below to find a registered school, including the number of teams (T) and individuals (I) each school has registered for the MATHCOUNTS Competition Series this year.

Although this list is updated regularly, it can take time to process some registrations, so please check back if your school’s registration is not immediately reflected here. If your school is not listed 7 days after you’ve submitted your registration, please email us at to confirm your registration was received.

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School Name City State Coach T I
Beacon Park School (Irvine, CA) Irvine CA Maureen Leong 1 6
Bear Creek K-8 School (Lakewood, CO) Lakewood CO Sara Kendrick 1 5
Beattie Middle School (Highland, CA) Highland CA Jun Liu 0 1
Beaubien Elementary School (Chicago, IL) Chicago IL Christine Barrett 1 6
Beaumont Middle School (Lexington, KY) Lexington KY Jennifer Laytham 1 6
Beaver Area Middle School (Beaver, PA) Beaver PA Steven Maker 1 6
Beaver Creek Elementary School (Topmost, KY) Topmost KY Sara Hunter 1 6
Beaver Lake Middle School (Issaquah, WA) Issaquah WA Margaret Cruz 1 6
Beck Academy (Greenville, SC) Greenville SC Kerry Hughes 1 0
Beck Junior High School (Katy, TX) Katy TX Edward Lu 1 6
Beck Middle School (Cherry Hill, NJ) Cherry Hill NJ Lisa Castillo 1 6
Beckendorff Junior High School (Katy, TX) Katy TX pam ward 1 6
Becker Middle School (Becker, MN) Becker MN Malinda Pudlick 1 6
Bedford Junior High School (Temperance, MI) Temperance MI Betsy Winter 1 6
Bedford Middle School (Westport, CT) Westport CT Mousumi Ghosh 0 3
Bedminster Township School (Bedminster, NJ) Bedminster NJ Kyle Johnson 1 6
Bednarcik Junior High School (Aurora, IL) Aurora IL Asha Prakash 1 6
Beehive Science & Technology Academy (Sandy, UT) Sandy UT emre gul 1 2
Bel Air Middle School (Bel Air, MD) Bel Air MD Amanda Jourdan 1 6
Bel-Aire Elementary School (Gulfport, MS) Gulfport MS Fredia Hall 1 6
Belfield Public School (Belfield, ND) Belfield ND Billie Gibson 1 6
Belgrade Middle School (Belgrade, MT) Belgrade MT Geoffrey McBride 1 6
Bell Central School Center (Pineville, KY) Pineville KY Susan Brock 1 5
Bell Middle School (Golden, CO) Golden CO Linda Jones 1 0
Bella Vista Christian Academy (Tracy, CA) Tracy CA David Schnurstein 1 3