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A school's listing below confirms the number of teams (T) and individuals (I) that you have officially registered for the 2017-2018 MATHCOUNTS Competition Series.

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School Namesort ascending City State Coach T I
Whiteside Middle School (Belleville, IL) Belleville IL Adrianne Neville 1 6
Whitehouse Junior High School (Whitehouse, TX) Whitehouse TX Rebecca Clements 1 4
Whitehorse Middle School (Madison, WI) Madison WI Frank Conway 1 0
Whitefish Bay Middle School (Whitefish Bay, WI) Whitefish Bay WI Becky Roloff 1 6
White Station Middle School (Memphis, TN) Memphis TN Kristy Hammond 1 6
White Shield School (Roseglen, ND) Roseglen ND Nathaniel Peterson 1 0
White River Valley Middle School (Lyons, IN) Lyons IN Jill Wilkes 1 4
White Pine Middle School (Saginaw, MI) Saginaw MI Tricia Benkert 1 0
White Pine Elementary School (Boise, ID) Boise ID Robin Betcher 0 1
White Pine Charter School (Idaho Falls, ID) Idaho Falls ID Jennifer Croft 1 4
White Oak Middle School (Cincinnati, OH) Cincinnati OH Cheryl Herzog 1 6
White Hall Junior High School (White Hall, AR) White Hall AR Kimberly Lambert 1 6
Whitby School (Greenwich, CT) Greenwich CT Annette Iversen 1 6
Whisconier Middle School (Brookfield, CT) Brookfield CT Kim Marshall 1 6
Wheeler School (Providence, RI) Providence RI Tom Wharton 1 6
Wheaton Christian Grammar School (Winfield, IL) Winfield IL Jennifer Rodriguez 1 6
Wheatley School (Old Westbury, NY) Old Westbury NY rob gadamowitz 1 0
Wheat Middle School (Cleburne, TX) Cleburne TX Sherry Price 1 3
Westwood Middle School (Blaine, MN) Blaine MN Angela Pfeifer 1 0
Westwood Middle School (Gainesville, FL) Gainesville FL Cheryl Bairley 1 4
Westwood Middle School (Winter Haven, FL) Winter Haven FL Patricia Kurtz 1 0
Westview Middle School (Longmont, CO) Longmont CO Cindy Thompson 1 6
Westview Hills Middle School (Willowbrook, IL) Willowbrook IL Amber Quirk 1 3
Westtown School (West Chester, PA) West Chester PA Jon Kimmel 1 0
Westside Neighborhood School (Los Angeles, CA) Los Angeles CA Sean How 1 6