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A school's listing below confirms the number of teams (T) and individuals (I) that you have officially registered for the 2017-2018 MATHCOUNTS Competition Series.

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School Namesort descending City State Coach T I
*Red Hills Middle School (Richfield, UT) Richfield UT Angela Wilmot 1 6
*Renbrook School (West Hartford, CT) West Hartford CT Marianne Michailow 1 6
*Richland County Middle School (Olney, IL) Olney IL Julie Clodfelter 1 6
*Robert E. Melican Middle School (Northborough, MA) Northborough MA Wan Yik Lee 1 6
*Robinson Middle School (Wichita, KS) Wichita KS Mary Stroot 1 6
*Rochambeau Middle School (Southbury, CT) Southbury CT Al Curtis 1 6
*Rowland Hall (Salt Lake City, UT) Salt Lake City UT Tyler Fonarow 1 6
*Roxbury Latin School (West Roxbury, MA) West Roxbury MA John Lieb 1 6
*Royster Middle School (Chanute, KS) Chanute KS Adam Wilcox 1 6
*Sacred Heart School (Groton, CT) Groton CT Barbara Hamanaka 1 6
*Saint Francis/Holy Ghost School (Jerseyville, IL) Jerseyville IL Christine Mattis 1 6
*Saint James Middle School (Myrtle Beach, SC) Myrtle Beach SC Rebecca Leigh 1 6
*Saint Mary School (Brussels, IL) Brussels IL JoAnn Nolte 1 6
*Saxe Middle School (New Canaan, CT) New Canaan CT Lisa Wolff 1 6
*Scotts Ridge Middle School (Ridgefield, CT) Ridgefield CT Florence Zhang 1 6
*Scullen Middle School (Naperville, IL) Naperville IL Helen Lou 1 6
*Sedgwick Middle School (West Hartford, CT) West Hartford CT Jennifer Tauro 1 6
*Sharon Middle School (Sharon, MA) Sharon MA Theresa Scruton 1 6
*Shelton Intermediate School (Shelton, CT) Shelton CT Eileen Roben 1 6
*Smith Middle School (Glastonbury, CT) Glastonbury CT Colleen Murphy 1 6
*Snow Canyon Middle School (Saint George, UT) Saint George UT Gerri Clark 1 6
*South Davis Junior High School (Bountiful, UT) Bountiful UT Beverly Ward 1 6
*South Jordan Middle School (South Jordan, UT) South Jordan UT Katrina Holliman 1 6
*Southeast Of Saline Junior High (Gypsum, KS) Gypsum KS Melony McClure 1 6
*Southwest Junior High School (Lawrence, KS) Lawrence KS Deborah Husted 1 6