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School Name Citysort ascending State Coach T I
MillRidge Home School (Wichita Falls, TX) Wichita Falls TX Kundan Sarkar 0 1
Wichita Collegiate School (Wichita, KS) Wichita KS Suzanne Schwarz 1 6
The Independent School (Wichita, KS) Wichita KS Manjula Muthukumar 1 0
St. Margaret Mary Catholic School (Wichita, KS) Wichita KS Shayn Guillemette 1 4
Robinson Middle School (Wichita, KS) Wichita KS Mary Stroot 1 6
Katherine Edwards Middle School (Whittier, CA) Whittier CA Cesar Covarrubias 1 4
Whitehouse Junior High School (Whitehouse, TX) Whitehouse TX Rebecca Clements 1 4
Whitefish Bay Middle School (Whitefish Bay, WI) Whitefish Bay WI Becky Roloff 1 6
White Hall Junior High School (White Hall, AR) White Hall AR Kimberly Lambert 1 6
Erickson Academy (White Bear Lake, MN) White Bear Lake MN Dan Erickson 0 1
Triadelphia Middle School (Wheeling, WV) Wheeling WV Scot Kangisser 1 0
Jack London Middle School (Wheeling, IL) Wheeling IL Kevin Burke 1 6
Monroe Middle School (Wheaton, IL) Wheaton IL Kim Rumrey 1 0
Marshall Middle School (Wexford, PA) Wexford PA Shannon Coulter 1 6
E W Thurston Middle School (Westwood, MA) Westwood MA David Lamb 1 6
Primoris Academy (Westwood, NJ) Westwood NJ Katie Kim 1 3
Bedford Middle School (Westport, CT) Westport CT Mousumi Bhattacharya 1 0
Coleytown Middle School (Westport, CT) Westport CT Constance Jones 0 1
Pierrepont School (Westport, CT) Westport CT Sheila Sundaram 1 0
Weston Middle School (Weston, OR) Weston OR deb Glover 1 4
Meadowbrook School Of Weston (Weston, MA) Weston MA Evan Glenwerks 1 6
Falcon Cove Middle School (Weston, FL) Weston FL Kami McLaughlin 1 6
Weston Middle School (Weston, MA) Weston MA David Poras 1 6
Weston Middle School (Weston, CT) Weston CT Janine Russo 1 6
Westmoreland School (Westmoreland, NH) Westmoreland NH Caragh Wilder 1 0