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School Name City State Coach T I
American Community School of Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi, SS) Abu Dhabi SS Gretchen Burch 1 4
American Embassy School - New Delhi (Washington, DC, SS) Washington, DC SS Fumiaki Miyata 1 4
American Heritage School (Plantation, FL) Plantation FL Nora Demosthenes 1 6
American Heritage School Boca Delray (Delray Beach, FL) Delray Beach FL Deborah Shacter 1 6
American International School Bucharest (Ilfov, SS) Ilfov SS Corina Cacichovschi 1 0
American International School Budapest (Nagykovacsi, SS) Nagykovacsi SS John Matlock 1 4
American International School Chenai (Chennai, SS) Chennai SS Kala Ganeshan 1 3
American International School in Johannesburg (Johannesburg, SS) Johannesburg SS Mike Christenen 1 4
American International School of Guangzhou (Guangzhou, SS) Guangzhou SS Renee Seiple 0 1
American International School Of Vilnius (Vilnius, SS) Vilnius SS Rose Pirello 1 2
American International School Of Zagreb (Zagreb, SS) Zagreb SS Adrianne Marcich-Dumicic 1 2
American International School Riyadh (Riyadh, SS) Riyadh SS Rayyan Amine 1 0
American Military Academy (Guaynabo, PR) Guaynabo PR Ingrid Hernandez 1 5
American Preparatory Academy (Draper, UT) Draper UT Kenneth McLaughlin 1 6
American Preparatory Academy (West Valley City, UT) West Valley City UT Danny Phung 0 1
American Preparatory Academy West Valley (West Valley City, UT) West Valley City UT Kathy Woodcox 1 6
American School Foundation Guadalajara (Guadalarajara, SS) Guadalarajara SS Odette Morales 1 4
American School In Japan (Tokyo, SS) Tokyo SS Catherine Berghahn 1 6
American School Of Bombay (Mumbai, SS) Mumbai SS Scott Amiton 1 6
American School Of Brasilia (Brasilia, DF, SS) Brasilia, DF SS Josiano Fadel 1 4
American School of Dubai (Dubai, SS) Dubai SS Kristen McGehee 1 4
American School of Milan (Noverasco Opera, SS) Noverasco Opera SS Kira Tarabelli 1 0
American School Of Paris (Saint Cloud, SS) Saint Cloud SS Sébastien Millette 1 0
American School Of Puebla (Puebla, SS) Puebla SS Jorge Gonzalez 0 1
American School Of Warsaw (Konstancin Jeziorna, SS) Konstancin Jeziorna SS Susan Ward 1 0