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School Namesort ascending City State Coach T I
William Henry Harrison Junior School (Harrison, OH) Harrison OH Brooke Skelly 1 6
William H Crocker Middle School (Hillsborough, CA) Hillsborough CA Perry Kittredge 1 6
William Galvin Middle School (Canton, MA) Canton MA Madhuri Valluri 1 6
William F. Halloran School #22 (Elizabeth, NJ) Elizabeth NJ Carmen Formoso-Adamcik 1 0
William Ellis Middle School (Advance, NC) Advance NC Stephen Rareshide 1 6
William Diamond Middle School (Lexington, MA) Lexington MA John Zhu 1 6
William Davies Middle School (Mays Landing, NJ) Mays Landing NJ Graig Stanford 1 6
William Byrd Middle School (Vinton, VA) Vinton VA Benita Houff 1 4
William Annin Middle School (Basking Ridge, NJ) Basking Ridge NJ Tara Bowman 1 6
William Allen Iii Middle School (Moorestown, NJ) Moorestown NJ Tara Kortman 1 6
Willard Middle School (Berkeley, CA) Berkeley CA August Fern 1 6
Will James Middle School (Billings, MT) Billings MT Shena Wald 1 6
Wilkinson Junior High School (Middleburg, FL) Middleburg FL Steven Doughty 1 2
Wiley School (Wiley, CO) Wiley CO Shae Krentz 1 6
Wildwood School (Chicago, IL) Chicago IL Christing Kim 1 0
Wilburton Junior High School (Wilburton, OK) Wilburton OK Mary Kendrick 1 0
Wilbur Wright Middle School (Munster, IN) Munster IN Ryan Ridgley 1 6
Wilbur Mcmahon School (Little Compton, RI) Little Compton RI Nicole Gallo 1 6
Wiesbaden Middle School (APO AE, DD) APO AE DD Mary Tyler 1 4
Wichita Collegiate School (Wichita, KS) Wichita KS Suzanne Schwarz 1 6
Whittier Middle School (Norman, OK) Norman OK Katherine Brooks 1 6
Whittier Elementary School (Salt Lake City, UT) Salt Lake City UT Kristi Baker 1 0
Whittier ECE-8 School (Denver, CO) Denver CO Paul Sandlin 1 2
Whitney Young Academic Center School (Chicago, IL) Chicago IL Julienne Au 1 6
Whitney High School (Cerritos, CA) Cerritos CA Kathleen Carlson 1 6