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A school's listing below confirms the number of teams (T) and individuals (I) that you have officially registered for the 2017-2018 MATHCOUNTS Competition Series.

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School Name City State Coach T I
*Monticello Middle School (Monticello, IL) Monticello IL Bryan Hartman 1 6
*Mountain Ridge Junior High School (Highland, UT) Highland UT Michelle Bagley 1 6
*Mt. Zion Jr. High School (Mt Zion, IL) Mt Zion IL Chris Weirman 1 6
*Mueller Park Junior High School (Bountiful, UT) Bountiful UT Beverly Ward 1 6
*Mystic Middle School (Mystic, CT) Mystic CT Richard Nanson 1 6
*Next Generation School (Champaign, IL) Champaign IL Jennifer Knapp 1 6
*North Augusta Middle School (North Augusta, SC) North Augusta SC Steven Mcleod 1 6
*North Myrtle Beach Middle School (Little River, SC) Little River SC Rebecca Stephens 1 6
*Oak Canyon Junior High School (Lindon, UT) Lindon UT Chris Beckstead 1 6
*Oak Middle School (Shrewsbury, MA) Shrewsbury MA Sharon Freedman 1 6
*Oakridge Middle School (Clover, SC) Clover SC Lisa Watkins 1 6
*Oregon Trail Middle School (Olathe, KS) Olathe KS Kendal Berrey 1 6
*Pioneer Valley Chinese Immersion Charter (Hadley, MA) Hadley MA Cayla Savitzky 1 6
*Pittsburg Community Middle School (Pittsburg, KS) Pittsburg KS Linda Knoll 1 6
*Pleasant Hill School (Palatine, IL) Palatine IL Mark Jiang 1 6
*Pleasant Ridge Middle School (Overland Park, KS) Overland Park KS Leninkannan Ramasamy 1 6
*Plum Grove Junior High School (Rolling Meadows, IL) Rolling Meadows IL Minerva Milford 1 6
*Plymouth Community Intermediate School (Plymouth, MA) Plymouth MA Lisa Murray 1 6
*Pomfret Community School (Pomfret Center, CT) Pomfret Center CT Elizabeth Pierce-Fortin 1 6
*Porter Gaud School (Charleston, SC) Charleston SC Kenneth Lynch 1 6
*Providence Hall Junior High School (Herriman, UT) Herriman UT Al Carter 1 6
*Provo High School (Provo, UT) Provo UT Teresa Gao 1 6
*Qualters Middle School (Mansfield, MA) Mansfield MA Jennifer MacMurray 1 6
*Quest Academy (Palatine, IL) Palatine IL Angela Howe 1 6
*R J Grey Junior High School (Acton, MA) Acton MA Phil Stameris 1 6