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School Namesort descending City State Coach T I
Alconbury Middle High School (APO AE, DD) APO AE DD Ron Behr 1 0
Aldo Leopold Middle School (Burlington, IA) Burlington IA Katie Salisbury 1 2
Alexander B. Bruce (Lawrence, MA) Lawrence MA Michael Barry 1 6
Alexander Dawson School (Lafayette, CO) Lafayette CO Kelly Bailey 1 6
Alexander Middle School (Albany, OH) Albany OH Karmi Holzaepfel 1 2
Alexander Public School (Alexander, ND) Alexander ND Julie Skurupey 1 6
Alexandria Country Day School (Alexandria, LA) Alexandria LA Terry Guillory 1 6
Alexandria Country Day School (Alexandria, VA) Alexandria VA Cahlan Mazur 1 6
Alfonza W Davis Middle School (Omaha, NE) Omaha NE Rudy Murray 1 4
Alfred & Adele Davis Academy (Atlanta, GA) Atlanta GA Kristen Herrin 1 2
Algona Middle School (Algona, IA) Algona IA Holly Waltz 1 4
Algonquin Middle School (Averill Park, NY) Averill Park NY Peg Squazzo 1 1
Alice and Nahum Lainer School (Los Angeles, CA) Los Angeles CA Kimberly Stefanes 1 6
Alice Buffett Magnet Middle School (Omaha, NE) Omaha NE Lisa Phillips 1 6
Alice Deal Middle School (Washington, DC) Washington DC Ariel Kramer 1 4
All Saints Catholic Academy (Naperville, IL) Naperville IL Justin Budd 1 5
All Saints Catholic School (Bangor, ME) Bangor ME Edward Rudnicki 1 0
All Saints Catholic School (Broken Arrow, OK) Broken Arrow OK Elaine Yarnall 1 0
All Saints Catholic School (Norman, OK) Norman OK Sally Straka 1 4
All Saints Day School (Carmel, CA) Carmel CA Mary Carl 1 4
All Saints School (Cincinnati, OH) Cincinnati OH Tom Fairbanks 1 6
Allardt Elementary School (Allardt, TN) Allardt TN Sarah Clapp 0 3
Allegany Limestone Middle School (Allegany, NY) Allegany NY Kathy Stamets 1 6
Allen East Middle School (Harrod, OH) Harrod OH Steve Richardson 1 4
Allen Elementary School (Allen, KY) Allen KY tina williams 1 6