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A school's listing below confirms the number of teams (T) and individuals (I) that you have officially registered for the 2017-2018 MATHCOUNTS Competition Series.

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School Name Citysort descending State Coach T I
Allendale Christian School (Allendale, MI) Allendale MI Rebeka Mesbergen 1 3
Springhouse Middle School (Allentown, PA) Allentown PA Kevin Hallman 1 6
Saint Thomas More School (Allentown, PA) Allentown PA Tania Kulischenko 1 6
Harrison Morton Middle School (Allentown, PA) Allentown PA Carly Landis 1 6
Trexler Middle School (Allentown, PA) Allentown PA Ellen Stocker 1 0
The Swain School (Allentown, PA) Allentown PA Allison Haas 1 4
Stone Bridge Middle School (Allentown, NJ) Allentown NJ Christopher Scaturo 1 0
Alliance Middle School (Alliance, NE) Alliance NE Joseph Mangas 1 6
Alliance Middle School (Alliance, OH) Alliance OH Juliann Trevorrow 1 2
Saint Agnes Academy (Alliance, NE) Alliance NE Christy Jelinek 1 6
Saint Herman Christian School (Allston, MA) Allston MA Oana Veliche 0 3
Webb Bridge Middle School (Alpharetta, GA) Alpharetta GA Nan Brown 1 6
Fulton Science Academy (Alpharetta, GA) Alpharetta GA Sema Duzyol 1 6
DeSana Middle School (Alpharetta, GA) Alpharetta GA Dan Praskovich 1 6
Alpine School (Alpine, NJ) Alpine NJ Rivka Rosenstein 1 2
Altamont Grade School (Altamont, KS) Altamont KS Suzette Rakestraw 1 4
Altoona Area Jr. High School (Altoona, PA) Altoona PA Chris Lloyd 0 2
Altoona Middle School (Altoona, WI) Altoona WI Shannon Camlek 1 2
Altus Junior High School (Altus, OK) Altus OK Cathy Gover 1 6
Altus Intermediate School (Altus, OK) Altus OK Laura Hill 1 4
Crockett Middle School (Amarillo, TX) Amarillo TX Debra Beene 1 6
Holy Cross Catholic Academy (Amarillo, TX) Amarillo TX Tim Gallegos 1 6
Ascension Academy (Amarillo, TX) Amarillo TX Nirmala Narasimhan 1 3
Amarillo Homeschool (Amarillo, TX) Amarillo TX Jon Braudt 1 4
Wissahickon Middle School (Ambler, PA) Ambler PA Troy Deckebach 1 4