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School Name City State Coach T I
Advanced Math & Science Charter School (Marlborough, MA) Marlborough MA David Peters 1 6
Advancing Armadillo Academy (Champaign, IL) Champaign IL Wendy Cho 0 1
AFNorth International School (Apo, DD) Apo DD Rachel Munoz 1 0
Aiken Area Home Educators School (Warrenville, SC) Warrenville SC Jonathan Hoyle 1 2
Aiken Middle School (Aiken, SC) Aiken SC Melinda McCord 1 6
Airline Community School (Aurora, ME) Aurora ME Andrew Bryan 1 0
Aitkin High School (Aitkin, MN) Aitkin MN Chancy Nordick 1 6
Al Fatih Academy (Reston, VA) Reston VA Rahiq Syed 1 6
Al-Hamra Academy (Shrewsbury, MA) Shrewsbury MA Omneya Abdelrehim 1 2
Alabama School Of Fine Arts (Birmingham, AL) Birmingham AL Jessie Mayne 1 6
Alachua Learning Academy (Alachua, FL) Alachua FL Magdalena McCreedy 1 4
Alameda Middle School (Pocatello, ID) Pocatello ID Deborah Henrie 1 6
Albany Area Middle School (Albany, MN) Albany MN Jeanne Bruns 1 6
Albert D Lawton Intermediate School (essex jct, VT) essex jct VT Toni Zimmerman 1 4
Albert Einstein Middle School (Shoreline, WA) Shoreline WA Garth Riley 1 4
Albert Gallatin North Middle School (Mcclellandtown, PA) Mcclellandtown PA Kate Armstrong 1 6
Albert Gallatin South Middle School (Point Marion, PA) Point Marion PA Jacob Magerko 1 1
Albert Leonard Middle School (New Rochelle, NY) New Rochelle NY Richard Ritter 1 6
Alberton Middle School (Alberton, MT) Alberton MT Liz Stuker 1 6
Albion Middle School (Sandy, UT) Sandy UT Emalee Elkins 1 0
Albritton Middle School (Fort Bragg, NC) Fort Bragg NC Sarah Johnson 1 4
Albuquerque Academy (Albuquerque, NM) Albuquerque NM Jason Zuffranieri 1 6
Albuquerque Institute of Math & Science (Albuquerque, NM) Albuquerque NM Shelley Wang 0 1
Albuquerque School Of Excellence (Albuquerque, NM) Albuquerque NM Hakan Yanar 1 4
Alburnett Junior High (Alburnett, IA) Alburnett IA Adam Hinrichsen 1 4