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School Name City State Coach T I
*Benjamin School (North Palm Beach, FL) North Palm Beach FL Cathy Hansen 1 0
*Berkeley Middle School (Williamsburg, VA) Williamsburg VA Ray Hanson 1 6
*Berlin Middle School (Berlin, NH) Berlin NH Anthony Mullins 1 6
*Betances BSTEM Magnet at Dwight (Hartford, CT) Hartford CT Christine Downs 1 6
*Bettendorf Middle School (Bettendorf, IA) Bettendorf IA Marty Beck 0 1
*Big Rapids Middle School (Big Rapids, MI) Big Rapids MI Lane Blatchford 1 6
*Bishop Garrigan Junior High School (Algona, IA) Algona IA Renetta Seiler 1 0
*Black River Public School (Holland, MI) Holland MI Daniel Johns 1 6
*Blackmon Road Middle School (Columbus, GA) Columbus GA John Dobbins 1 0
*Blacksburg Middle School (Blacksburg, VA) Blacksburg VA Shpresa Mykerezi 1 6
*Blanchard Middle School (Westford, MA) Westford MA Meyyappan Meyyappan 1 6
*Bloomington Junior High School (Bloomington, IL) Bloomington IL Deb Voorhees 1 6
*Bluefield Middle School (Bluefield, WV) Bluefield WV Ivory Rowe 1 0
*Bluffs Middle School (Scottsbluff, NE) Scottsbluff NE Maureen Ferger 1 1
*Boiling Springs Middle School (Inman, SC) Inman SC Melissa Greenlee 1 6
*Bondurant Farrar Middle School (Bondurant, IA) Bondurant IA Joe Ridgway 0 1
*Bondurant Middle School (Frankfort, KY) Frankfort KY Robbie Roberts 1 1
*Bonham Middle School (Temple, TX) Temple TX Rosa Perez 1 0
*Boone Central Middle School (Petersburg, NE) Petersburg NE Samuel McCormick 0 1
*Bosque School (Albuquerque, NM) Albuquerque NM TJ Middleton 1 1
*Boulan Park Middle School (Troy, MI) Troy MI Mark Martin 1 6
*Bourbonnais Upper Grade Center School (Bourbonnais, IL) Bourbonnais IL Alyssa Mosier 1 6
*Bowdon Middle School (Bowdon , GA) Bowdon GA Michelle Barnette 0 1
*Bowling Green Junior High School (Bowling Green, KY) Bowling Green KY Angela Langford 1 0
*Boyet Junior High School (Slidell, LA) Slidell LA Nicole Smith 1 0