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A school's listing below confirms the number of teams (T) and individuals (I) that you have officially registered for the 2017-2018 MATHCOUNTS Competition Series.

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School Name Citysort ascending State Coach T I
Dwight D Eisenhower Middle School (Wyckoff, NJ) Wyckoff NJ Sarah Clooney 1 6
Wilson Middle School (Wyandotte, MI) Wyandotte MI Karen Miller 1 4
Eastern York Middle School (Wrightsville, PA) Wrightsville PA Amy Kadilak 1 3
Golden Acorn Academy (Worthville, KY) Worthville KY Mary Hayward 0 1
Phoenix Middle School (Worthington, OH) Worthington OH Micah Hudson 1 6
Worthington Kilbourne Middle School (Worthington, OH) Worthington OH Shannon Keeler 1 6
Worthingway Middle School (Worthington, OH) Worthington OH Erin McKinney 1 4
Harrisburg Academy (Wormleysburg, PA) Wormleysburg PA Daniel Kehler 1 0
Bancroft School (Worcester, MA) Worcester MA Lyssa Steponaitis 1 2
Edgewood Middle School (Wooster, OH) Wooster OH Bridget Frantz 1 4
Mount Saint Charles Academy (Woonsocket, RI) Woonsocket RI Kyle Garrett 1 0
Kingsway Regional Middle School (Woolwich Township, NJ) Woolwich Township NJ Edward Heil 1 6
Woodward-Granger Middle School (Woodward, IA) Woodward IA Laura Greiner 1 2
Woodstown Middle School (Woodstown, NJ) Woodstown NJ Heather Vinciguerra 1 4
Woodstock Middle School (Woodstock, CT) Woodstock CT Kristi Craig 1 4
Woodside Intermediate School 125 (Woodside, NY) Woodside NY Michael Capasso 1 0
The John Cooper School (Woodlands, TX) Woodlands TX Qibo Jing 1 6
Leota Middle School (Woodinville, WA) Woodinville WA Matt Bohannan 1 6
Saint Margarets Regional School (Woodbury Heights, NJ) Woodbury Heights NJ Pepita Ontong 1 2
Woodbury Middle School (Woodbury, MN) Woodbury MN Kellie Saindon 1 2
Lake Middle School (Woodbury, MN) Woodbury MN Megan Sun 1 6
Rippon Middle School (Woodbridge, VA) Woodbridge VA Carmela Bertrand 1 5
Bright Academy (Woodbridge, VA) Woodbridge VA Helen Bright 0 1
Ezra Academy (Woodbridge, CT) Woodbridge CT Jennifer Edwards 1 2
Mary G Porter Traditional School (Woodbridge, VA) Woodbridge VA Christine Guerra 1 6