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School Namesort ascending City State Coach T I
Claymont Junior High School (Uhrichsville, OH) Uhrichsville OH Laura Peters 1 6
Clay Middle School (Carmel, IN) Carmel IN Stacy Arnold 1 6
Clawson Middle School (Clawson, MI) Clawson MI Terence Gates 1 6
Classen School of Advanced Studies (Oklahoma City , OK) Oklahoma City OK Sarah McKim 1 6
Clarksville Middle School (Clarksville, MD) Clarksville MD Barbara Scheetz 1 6
Clarkston Junior High School (Clarkston, MI) Clarkston MI Howard Andress 1 4
Clarksburg Elementary School (Clarksburg, MA) Clarksburg MA Brenda Johnson 1 2
Clarke Middle School (Osceola, IA) Osceola IA Michelle Lee 1 4
Clarke Middle School (Athens, GA) Athens GA Kristina Patel 1 4
Clarkdale Attendance Center (Meridian, MS) Meridian MS Kayla Weir 1 6
Clark Shaw Magnet School (Mobile, AL) Mobile AL Edie Davis 1 6
Clark Middle School (Laredo, TX) Laredo TX Annalee Moreno 1 6
Clark Lane Middle School (Waterford, CT) Waterford CT Heather Joyner 1 4
Clark Intermediate School (Clovis, CA) Clovis CA Erica Figueroa 1 4
Clarinda Middle School (Clarinda, IA) Clarinda IA Tammy Norris 1 2
Clarendon Hills Middle School (Clarendon Hills, IL) Clarendon Hills IL Mary Sprengnether 1 4
Claremont Middle School (Claremont, NH) Claremont NH Terry Hayward 1 6
Clancy Elementary School (Clancy, MT) Clancy MT Corey Grutsch 1 6
Clague Middle School (Ann Arbor, MI) Ann Arbor MI Meredith Pedersen 1 6
Claggett Middle School (Medina, OH) Medina OH Susie Halley 1 2
City High Middle School (Grand Rapids, MI) Grand Rapids MI Chi Braunreiter 1 1
Citrus Hills Intermediate School (Corona, CA) Corona CA Jingyu Cao 0 2
Cistercian Prep School (Irving, TX) Irving TX Jon Erickson 1 6
Cis 303 (Bronx, NY) Bronx NY Samantha Levine 1 4
Circleville Middle School (Circleville, OH) Circleville OH Cindy Moats 1 6