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A school's listing below confirms the number of teams (T) and individuals (I) that you have officially registered for the 2017-2018 MATHCOUNTS Competition Series.

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School Namesort descending City State Coach T I
Sedgwick Middle School (West Hartford, CT) West Hartford CT Jennifer Tauro 1 4
Selby Area School (Selby, SD) Selby SD Mark Underkofler 1 2
Sellwood Middle School (Portland, OR) Portland OR Fred Harsman 1 6
Selvidge Middle School (Ballwin, MO) Ballwin MO Kimberly McCoy 1 5
Seminole Middle School (Seminole, FL) Seminole FL Jennifer Outzs 1 4
Seminole Science Charter School (Lake Mary, FL) Lake Mary FL Ross Belgram 1 6
Seneca Valley Middle School (Harmony, PA) Harmony PA Meagan Loewy 1 4
Sennett Middle School (Madison, WI) Madison WI Frank Conway 1 6
Sentinel Junior High School (Sentinel, OK) Sentinel OK Melinda Griffith 1 6
Seoul Middle School (Apo, AP, DD) Apo, AP DD Claire Park 1 0
Sequoia Middle School (Pleasant Hill, CA) Pleasant Hill CA Fred Toth 0 2
Sequoia Middle School (Redding, CA) Redding CA Sherrie Henry 1 6
Seton Catholic Ctl High School (Binghamton, NY) Binghamton NY Amanda Scott 1 6
Seton Catholic School (Hudson, OH) Hudson OH Chrissie Booker 1 0
Sevastopol Middle School (Sturgeon Bay, WI) Sturgeon Bay WI Tim Newton 1 2
Seven Bridges Middle School (Chappaqua, NY) Chappaqua NY Meredith McMillan 1 6
Seven Hills Middle School (Cincinnati, OH) Cincinnati OH Kristina O'Connor 1 6
Seven Hills Preparatory Academy Upper (Richfield, MN) Richfield MN Leah Lellman 1 0
Seven Lakes Junior High School (Katy, TX) Katy TX Delaine Evans 1 6
Seventy First Classical Middle School (Fayetteville, NC) Fayetteville NC Tara Valitski 1 5
Severna Park Middle School (Severna Park, MD) Severna Park MD Amy Hughes 1 2
Sevilla Elementary School (APO, AE, DD) APO, AE DD Alanka Goris 1 0
Sewickley Academy (Sewickley, PA) Sewickley PA James Boone 1 6
Seymour Middle School (Seymour, IN) Seymour IN Nate Tormoehlen 1 4
Seymour Middle School (Seymour, CT) Seymour CT Jennifer Batterton 1 2