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School Name City State Coach T I
Springfield Middle School (Springfield, LA) Springfield LA Patricia Jubin 1 6
Springhouse Middle School (Allentown, PA) Allentown PA Kevin Hallman 1 6
Springside Chestnut Hill Academy Boys Middle School (Philadelphia, PA) Philadelphia PA Andrew Wolf 1 6
Springside Chestnut Hill Academy Middle School For Girls (Philadlephia, PA) Philadlephia PA Ashley Vandegrift 1 6
Spruce Street School (New York, NY) New York NY Meryl Glicksman 1 0
Spry Middle School (Webster, NY) Webster NY Barbara Rich 1 4
St Albans (Washington, DC) Washington DC Jodi Meunier 1 6
St Albert the Great Catholic School (Reno, NV) Reno NV David Kearney 1 6
St Anastasia School (Los Angeles, CA) Los Angeles CA Edward Lavelle 1 2
St Andrew Catholic School (Fort Worth, TX) Fort Worth TX Paul Schwalbe 1 4
St Athanasius School (Brooklyn, NY) Brooklyn NY Jasbinderjit Thodiyil 1 6
St Cecilia School (San Francisco, CA) San Francisco CA NA NA 1 0
St Charles School (Hartland, WI) Hartland WI Kathy Mullen 1 1
St David School (Richmond, CA) Richmond CA Jill Easterday 1 1
St Francis of Assisi (Louisville, KY) Louisville KY Mary Whitfield 1 0
St George's Episcopal School (Milner, GA) Milner GA Chloe Morris 1 6
St Hope Leadership Academy (New York, NY) New York NY Matthew Giles 1 0
St James Catholic School (Torrance, CA) Torrance CA Alyson Quast 1 5
St James Lutheran (Shawano, WI) Shawano WI Tami Hinz 0 2
St Jerome School (Houston, TX) Houston TX Delores Buck 1 6
St John Regional School (Concord, NH) Concord NH Tara Henley 1 6
St John's Episcopal School (Dallas, TX) Dallas TX David Laffiteau 1 6
St Joseph (lincoln, NE) lincoln NE Lori Bryant 1 6
St Joseph Catholic School (Tucson, AZ) Tucson AZ Jeffrey Gehring 1 0
St Joseph Middle School (Battle Creek, MI) Battle Creek MI Molly Williamson 1 6