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A school's listing below confirms the number of teams (T) and individuals (I) that you have officially registered for the 2017-2018 MATHCOUNTS Competition Series.

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School Name City State Coach T I
Orchards Elementary School (Lewiston, ID) Lewiston ID Theresa Duchemin 1 1
Orefield Middle School (Orefield, PA) Orefield PA Jackie Hege 1 1
Oregon Episcopal School (Portland, OR) Portland OR Gregory Drugan 1 6
Oregon Trail Middle School (Olathe, KS) Olathe KS Kendal Berrey 1 6
Orinda Intermediate School (Orinda, CA) Orinda CA Patricia McAteer 1 6
Orlando Science Schools (Orlando, FL) Orlando FL Abdulkerim Akyalcin 1 6
Orme School (Mayer, AZ) Mayer AZ Steve Wolfe 1 5
Ormond Beach Middle School (Ormond Beach, FL) Ormond Beach FL Natalie Demchak 1 6
Orono Middle School (Long Lake, MN) Long Lake MN Greg Pusch 1 6
Orono Middle School (Orono, ME) Orono ME Tracy Deschaine 1 0
Orville A Todd Middle School (Poughkeepsie, NY) Poughkeepsie NY RAJASEKHAR KAMADA 1 6
Osakis Public School (Osakis, MN) Osakis MN Ryan Maddock 1 4
Osan Middle High School (APO, AP, DD) APO, AP DD Connie Pak 1 0
Osborn Middle School (Phoenix, AZ) Phoenix AZ Erin Tikovitsch 1 6
Osceola Middle School (Ocala, FL) Ocala FL Staci Buckhalter 1 6
Osceola Middle School (Osceola, WI) Osceola WI Jessica O'Connor 1 6
Oskaloosa Middle School (Oskaloosa, IA) Oskaloosa IA Molly McCaulley 1 6
Otsego Junior High (Bowling Green, OH) Bowling Green OH Ryan Hafner 1 6
Ottawa Hills Elementary School (Toledo, OH) Toledo OH Jennifer Griffin 1 6
Ottawa Hills Junior/Senior High School (Toledo, OH) Toledo OH Diane Drabek 1 6
Otte Blair Middle School (Blair, NE) Blair NE Donna Callaghan 1 4
Otter Creek Middle School (Terre Haute, IN) Terre Haute IN Nick Utterback 1 6
Otto Middle School (Plano, TX) Plano TX Alex Rosenfield 1 6
Ottoson Middle School (Arlington, MA) Arlington MA Jon McIntyre 1 6
Ottoville (Ottoville, OH) Ottoville OH Kevin Horstman 1 0