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A school's listing below confirms the number of teams (T) and individuals (I) that you have officially registered for the 2017-2018 MATHCOUNTS Competition Series.

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School Name City State Coach T I
Southwest Junior High School (Lawrence, KS) Lawrence KS Deborah Husted 1 6
Southwest Middle School (charlotte, NC) charlotte NC Rima Solh 1 0
Southwest Middle School (Jacksonville, NC) Jacksonville NC Clovene Whitby 1 0
Southwest Middle School (Rapid City, SD) Rapid City SD Crystal McMachen 1 6
Southwest Middle School (Orlando, FL) Orlando FL Stephen Schrader 1 6
Southwest Middle School (Lakeland, FL) Lakeland FL Jessica Sansom 1 6
Southwestern Educational Society School (Mayaguez, PR) Mayaguez PR Erick Seda 1 6
Southwestern Middle School (Deland, FL) Deland FL Travis Carlisle 1 6
Southwood Middle School (Palmetto Bay, FL) Palmetto Bay FL Yuqi Jing 0 1
Southwood Park Homeschool (Anchorage, AK) Anchorage AK Jessica Weiler 0 1
Spangdahlem Middle School (APO AE, DD) APO AE DD Martha McIntyre 1 0
Sparta Elementary School (Sparta, NC) Sparta NC Sam McClure 1 6
Spartanburg Day School (Spartanburg, SC) Spartanburg SC Lee Vasbinder 1 4
Spillane Middle School (Cypress, TX) Cypress TX Stacy Baumgart 1 6
Spiritus Sanctus Academy (Ann Arbor, MI) Ann Arbor MI David Stall 1 4
Spratley Gifted Center School (Hampton, VA) Hampton VA Rebecca LeCompte 1 6
Spring Creek Middle School (Spring Creek, NV) Spring Creek NV Todd Mahlke 1 4
Spring Grove Middle School (Spring Grove, PA) Spring Grove PA Timothy Guy 1 4
Spring Grove School (Hollister, CA) Hollister CA Garrett Haertel 0 1
Spring Harbor Middle School (Madison, WI) Madison WI Shannen Koltz 1 6
Spring Lake Middle School (Spring Lake, MI) Spring Lake MI Rich Hyde 1 6
Spring Ridge Middle School (Lexington Park, MD) Lexington Park MD Thomas Galligan 1 0
Springfield Middle School (Holland, OH) Holland OH Chris Young 1 6
Springfield Middle School (Fort Mill, SC) Fort Mill SC Peg Merriman 1 6
Springfield Middle School (Williamsport, MD) Williamsport MD Brittany Miller 1 2