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A school's listing below confirms the number of teams (T) and individuals (I) that you have officially registered for the 2017-2018 MATHCOUNTS Competition Series.

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School Name City State Coach T I
South Davis Junior High School (Bountiful, UT) Bountiful UT Beverly Ward 1 0
South East Junior High School (Iowa City, IA) Iowa City IA Kate Degner 1 6
South Edgecombe Middle School (Pinetops, NC) Pinetops NC Angelica Rouson 1 5
South Fayette Middle School (Mcdonald, PA) Mcdonald PA Lisa Donovan 1 6
South Floyd Elementary School (Hi Hat, KY) Hi Hat KY Rebecca Morrison 1 6
South Forsyth Middle School (Cumming, GA) Cumming GA Tracey Hollabaugh 1 6
South Harrison Middle School (Lost Creek, WV) Lost Creek WVT Ruth Ann Marino 1 4
South Heart Public School (South Heart, ND) South Heart ND Paula Lengowski 1 4
South Jordan Middle School (South Jordan, UT) South Jordan UT Katrina Holliman 1 6
South Junior High School (Saint Cloud, MN) Saint Cloud MN Yongli Zhao 1 0
South Lake Middle School (Irvine, CA) Irvine CA Scott Richardson 1 6
South Mckeel Academy (Lakeland, FL) Lakeland FL Sarah Tompkins 1 6
South Metro Home School Team (Rosemount, MN) Rosemount MN Mark Ball 1 0
South Miami Middle School (South Miami, FL) South Miami FL Leonor Obando-Fonseca 1 0
South Middle School (Rapid City, SD) Rapid City SD Audra Franke 1 6
South Middle School (Braintree, MA) Braintree MA Kathleen Norton 1 6
South Middle School (Eau Claire, WI) Eau Claire WI Brian Duncan 1 0
South Middle School (Grand Forks, ND) Grand Forks ND Christopher Loff 1 6
South Middle School (Lawrence, KS) Lawrence KS Shana Poettker 1 2
South Middle School (Waukee, IA) Waukee IA Samantha Kuehl 1 6
South Oldham Middle School (Crestwood, KY) Crestwood KY Beth Johnson 1 6
South Orangetown Middle School (Blauvelt, NY) Blauvelt NY Gregory Sullivan 1 0
South Pasadena Middle School (South Pasadena, CA) South Pasadena CA Jennifer Mok 0 1
South Pointe Middle School (Diamond Bar, CA) Diamond Bar CA Gary Dresser 1 6
South Saint Paul Junior High School (South Saint Paul, MN) South Saint Paul MN Luke Olson 1 6