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School Namesort descending City State Coach T I
Northwoods Park Middle School (Jacksonville, NC) Jacksonville NC Chanelle Reese 1 0
Norwalk Catholic School (Norwalk, OH) Norwalk OH Carolyn Meyer 1 3
Norwalk Middle School (Norwalk, IA) Norwalk IA Adam Wuestewald 1 6
Norwell Middle School (Norwell, MA) Norwell MA Marisa O'Connell 1 4
Norwin Middle School (North Huntingdon, PA) North Huntingdon PA Constance DeMore-Savine 1 3
Norwood Elementary School (Peoria, IL) Peoria IL Gay Johnson 1 4
Norwood Public School (Norwood, NJ) Norwood NJ Michelle Wesley 1 6
Norwood School (Bethesda, MD) Bethesda MD John Currie 1 6
Notre Dame Academy Elementary School (Los Angeles, CA) Los Angeles CA Ashley Hobbs 0 1
Nottingham Elementary School (Nottingham, NH) Nottingham NH Christine Warnick 1 6
Nouvel Catholic Central Elementary School (Saginaw, MI) Saginaw MI Joann Roller 1 6
Nova Middle School (Davie, FL) Davie FL Kristie Coslett 1 6
Nova Middle School (Olympia, WA) Olympia WA Jeff Olfson 1 1
Nova Private School (San Diego, CA) San Diego CA Red Nova 0 1
NOVATAG Homeschoolers (Oakton, VA) Oakton VA Ellen Jung 1 0
Novi Middle School (Novi, MI) Novi MI Ashley Dubiel 1 6
Nueva School (Hillsborough, CA) Hillsborough CA Steven Chanan 1 6
NYC Lab Middle School (New York, NY) New York NY Raul Gracia 1 6
Nysmith School (Herndon, VA) Herndon VA JoMarie Broccoli 1 6
Nyssa Middle School (Nyssa, OR) Nyssa OR Roger Hunter 1 4
O'Keefe Homeschool (Nashville, TN) Nashville TN Chandra O'Keefe 0 1
O.Henry Middle School (Austin, TX) Austin TX Jan Loewe 1 4
Oak Avenue School (Los Altos, CA) Los Altos CA Sanden Kandel 1 5
Oak Canyon Junior High School (Lindon, UT) Lindon UT Chris Beckstead 1 4
Oak Grove Lutheran School (Fargo, ND) Fargo ND Renae Lange 1 6