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School Name City State Coach T I
Sierra Middle School (Stockton, CA) Stockton CA Tami Miller 1 6
Sierra Verde STEM Academy (Glendale, AZ) Glendale AZ Hao Fang 0 1
Sierra Vista Middle School (Irvine, CA) Irvine CA Andrea Balbas 1 6
Sierramont Middle School (San Jose, CA) San Jose CA Addison Chan 1 6
Signal Mountain Middle High School (Signal Mtn, TN) Signal Mtn TN Yang Matthews 1 2
Sigonella Middle/High School (APO AE, DD) APO AE DD James Martin 1 0
Sikeston Junior High School (Sikeston, MO) Sikeston MO Mark Savage 1 4
Silicon Valley Homeschoolers (Redwood City, CA) Redwood City CA Vida John 1 1
Silver Creek Middle School (Kensington, MD) Kensington MD Rebecca Gelfond 1 0
Silver Hills Middle School (Westminster, CO) Westminster CO Jennifer Ehrlich 1 4
Silver Lake Public Schools (Roseland, NE) Roseland NE Stacie Heldt 1 6
Silver Sands Middle School (Port Orange, FL) Port Orange FL Gihan Armanious 1 6
Silvestri Junior High School (Las Vegas, NV) Las Vegas NV Monica McVey 1 2
Simle Middle School (Bismarck, ND) Bismarck ND Andrew Voorhees 1 6
Simmons Middle School (Aberdeen, SD) Aberdeen SD Ashley Brockhaus 1 4
Simmons Middle School (Hoover, AL) Hoover AL Rebecca Elliott 1 6
Singapore American School (Singapore, SS) Singapore SS Isagani Celzo 1 6
Skinner Middle School (Denver, CO) Denver CO Laura Curtis 1 6
Skinner North Classical Elementary (Chicago, IL) Chicago IL Alison Ridgway 1 6
Sky Valley Education Center (Monroe, WA) Monroe WA Dylan Neary 1 6
Skyridge Middle School (camas, WA) camas WA yimin wang 1 0
Slauson Middle School (Ann Arbor, MI) Ann Arbor MI Tom Gardner 1 6
Slavens K-8 School (Denver, CO) Denver CO Kirk Framke 1 6
Sleeping Giant Middle School (Livingston, MT) Livingston MT Ellen Rose 1 6
Sleepy Eye Public School (Sleepy Eye, MN) Sleepy Eye MN Jeanine Backer 1 4