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A school's listing below confirms the number of teams (T) and individuals (I) that you have officially registered for the 2017-2018 MATHCOUNTS Competition Series.

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School Name City State Coach T I
Newburg Middle School (Louisville, KY) Louisville KY Jean Clayton 1 4
Newburg United School (Newburg, ND) Newburg ND Jason Kersten 1 0
Newcastle Middle School (Newcastle, WY) Newcastle WY Staci Marty 1 6
Newcomb Academy (Long Beach, CA) Long Beach CA Joanne Jones 1 6
Newhalen (Iliamna, AK) Iliamna AK Ed Lester 1 6
Newman Catholic School (Mason City, IA) Mason City IA Laura Henrich 1 0
Newmarket Junior High School (Newmarket, NH) Newmarket NH Michelle Silvia 1 2
Newport Homeschool Mundelein IL Lidong Hou 0 1
Newtown Middle School (Newtown, PA) Newtown PA Matt Gibson 1 4
Next Generation School (Champaign, IL) Champaign IL Jennifer Knapp 1 6
Nezperce Junior Senior High School (Nezperce, ID) Nezperce ID Janice Baldus 1 6
Nibley Park Elementary School (Salt Lake Cty, UT) Salt Lake Cty UT David Clark 1 6
Nicholas Joseph Begich Middle School (Anchorage, AK) Anchorage AK Casteel Keenan 1 4
Nichols Middle School (Evanston, IL) Evanston IL James Lequar 1 0
Nissitissit Middle School (Pepperell, MA) Pepperell MA Lori Daniels 1 6
Nitschmann Middle School (Bethlehem, PA) Bethlehem PA Nadine Novatnak 1 6
Nittany Christian School (State College, PA) State College PA Sarah Stevens 1 2
Niu Valley Middle School (Honolulu, HI) Honolulu HI Andrew Nakano 1 6
Nixa Junior High School (Nixa, MO) Nixa MO Elizabeth Staats 1 6
No Mercy Homeschool Riverwoods IL Svetlana Rapoport 0 1
Noble & Greenough School (Dedham, MA) Dedham MA Colette Finley 1 6
Noblesville West Middle School (Noblesville, IN) Noblesville IN Paula Jurgonski 1 0
Nodaway Valley Middle School (Fontanelle, IA) Fontanelle IA Tammie Cass 1 6
Noe Middle School (Louisville, KY) Louisville KY Stephanie Fields 1 6
Nooksack Valley Middle School (Everson, WA) Everson WA Joyce Perkins 1 0