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School Name City State Coach T I
Saint Mary Magdalene Catholic School (Apex, NC) Apex NC Sadie Lang 1 4
Saint Mary Of The Mills School (Laurel, MD) Laurel MD John Conroy 1 0
Saint Mary School Buffalo Grove IL Carol Cantwell 1 0
Saint Mary School (Brussels, IL) Brussels IL JoAnn Nolte 1 0
Saint Marys Catholic School (Greenville, SC) Greenville SC Martha Eison 1 0
Saint Marys Catholic School (Big Rapids, MI) Big Rapids MI JB Watters 1 0
Saint Marys Catholic School (Lawton, OK) Lawton OK Troy Angell 1 3
Saint Marys Rockwood School (Rockwood, MI) Rockwood MI Melissa Langlet 1 0
Saint Marys School (Sterling, IL) Sterling IL Ryan Sotelo 1 2
Saint Michael School (Loretto, PA) Loretto PA Sarah Steinbugl 1 1
Saint Michael's Academy (Springfield, MA) Springfield MA Lisa Wozniakowski 1 0
Saint Monica School (Kalamazoo, MI) Kalamazoo MI Charles Buxton 1 1
Saint Norbert School (Paoli, PA) Paoli PA Rose Greskoff 1 6
Saint Patrick Catholic High School (Biloxi, MS) Biloxi MS Victoria Williams 1 0
Saint Patrick Catholic School (Carlisle, PA) Carlisle PA Cindy Ebert 1 0
Saint Patrick School (Cedar Falls, IA) Cedar Falls IA Wendy Funk 0 2
Saint Patrick School (Malvern, PA) Malvern PA Michele Kiss 1 4
Saint Patrick School (Terre Haute, IN) Terre Haute IN NA Goulding 1 6
Saint Paul Academy And Summit School (Saint Paul, MN) Saint Paul MN Jenny Borovsky 1 6
Saint Paul Catholic School (Highland, IL) Highland IL Stephanie Iberg 1 1
Saint Paul Lutheran School (Fort Worth, TX) Fort Worth TX Sheri Luedemann 1 4
Saint Paul Lutheran School (Saint Joseph, MO) St. Joseph MO Shawna Macrander 1 4
Saint Pauls Catholic School (Barton, VT) Barton VT Madalyn Ledoux 1 4
Saint Pauls School (Clearwater, FL) Clearwater FL Brenda Hiers 1 6
Saint Peter Catholic School (Saint Paul, MN) Saint Paul MN Dennis Rankin 1 6