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School Name City State Coach T I
Berlin Brothers Valley Middle School (Berlin, PA) Berlin PA Susan Straight 1 6
Berlin Middle School (Berlin, NH) Berlin NH Anthony Mullins 1 4
Berry Middle School (Hoover, AL) Hoover AL Rebecca Elliott 1 6
Bert Lynn Middle School (Torrance, CA) Torrance CA Tommy Nguyen 1 6
Berthold Public School (Berthold, ND) Berthold ND Troy Ross 1 0
Bertrand Community Schools (Bertrand, NE) Bertrand NE Kevin Lavene 1 4
Berwick Area Middle School (Berwick, PA) Berwick PA Todd Gunther 1 6
Bessie Owens Intermediate School (Bakersfield, CA) Bakersfield CA Daniel Ardron 1 6
Bessie Rhodes Magnet School (Skokie, IL) Skokie IL Douglas Bengtson 1 0
Betances BSTEM Magnet at Dwight (Hartford, CT) Hartford CT Christine Downs 1 6
Bethany School (Glendale, OH) Cincinnati OH Michelle Rodenberg 1 3
Bethel Elementary School (Sugar Grove, NC) Sugar Grove NC Jacob Beach 1 0
Bethesda Christian School (Fort Worth, TX) Fort Worth TX Frank Dang 1 6
Bettendorf Middle School (Bettendorf, IA) Bettendorf IA Marty Beck 1 5
Beulah Public School (Beulah, ND) Beulah ND Jeff Baranick 1 6
Beverly Hills Independent School (Houston, TX) Houston TX Rosalind Hubbard 1 5
Beverly Manor Junior High School (Washington, IL) Washington IL Gretchen Brown 1 6
Beverly Vista School (Beverly Hills, CA) Beverly Hills CA Mark Frenn 1 4
Beverlye Magnet (Dothan, AL) Dothan AL Teresa Duppstadt 1 2
Big Piney Middle School (Big Piney, WY) Big Piney WY Jeff Banks 1 0
Big Rapids Middle School (Big Rapids, MI) Big Rapids MI Lane Blatchford 1 6
Big Walnut Middle School (Sunbury, OH) Sunbury OH Danielle Crace 1 4
Bigelow Middle School (Newton, MA) Newton MA Christopher Chen 1 4
Bigfork Middle School (Big Fork, MT) Big Fork MT Patrick Johnston 1 6
Bill Reed Middle School (Loveland, CO) Loveland CO Janice Marchman 1 4