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A school's listing below confirms the number of teams (T) and individuals (I) that you have officially registered for the 2017-2018 MATHCOUNTS Competition Series.

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School Name City State Coach T I
*Hidden Oaks Middle School (Palm City, FL) Palm City FL Susan Janasky 1 0
*Hidden Valley Middle School (Roanoke, VA) Roanoke VA Michael Riley 1 6
*Highland Christian Academy (Valdosta, GA) Valdosta GA Cary Dowse 0 2
*Highland Park Middle School (Beaverton, OR) Beaverton OR Alison McCarthy 0 1
*Highland Park Middle School (Dallas, TX) Dallas TX Katherine Kang 1 1
*Highlands Junior School (Highlands, TX) Highlands TX Kirti Kulkarni 1 0
*Hightower Trail Middle School (Marietta, GA) Marietta GA Teresa Mullaney 0 2
*Hill Gustat Middle School (Sebring, FL) Sebring FL Mary Pierce 1 0
*Hillcrest Middle School (Trumbull, CT) Trumbull CT Dawn Formanek 1 6
*Hillsdale Academy (Hillsdale, MI) Hillsdale MI Michael Nikkila 1 6
*Hillside Middle School (Northville, MI) Northville MI Diane Xu 1 6
*Hindman Elementary School (Hindman, KY) Hindman KY Kasey Toole 1 0
*Hinsdale Middle School (Hinsdale, IL) Hinsdale IL Linda Seikel 1 6
*Hockaday School (Dallas, TX) Dallas TX Terry Bourek 0 1
*Holland Hall (Tulsa, OK) Tulsa OK Melissa Stirling 1 6
*Holmes Junior High School (Cedar Falls, IA) Cedar Falls IA Karen Newcomb 1 3
*Holy Name School (Henderson, KY) Henderson KY Mike Vickers 0 1
*Holy Spirit Catholic School (Pocatello, ID) Pocatello ID Peggy Kaiser 1 6
*Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy (Melbourne, FL) Melbourne FL Lisa Parrish 1 0
*HOME (Fayetteville, NC) Fayetteville NC Joy Choi 1 6
*Homer Junior High School (Homer Glen, IL) Homer Glen IL Will Anila 1 6
*Homeschool Math Academy (Hillsboro, OR) Hillsboro OR Tom Walsh 0 1
*Honey Creek Middle School (Terre Haute, IN) Terre Haute IN Bob Fischer 1 6
*Hope Middle School (Greenville, NC) Greenville NC Karen Eberenz 1 6
*Hopkins School (New Haven, CT) New Haven CT Sarah Duckett Ireland 1 6