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School Name City State Coach T I
Beaver Creek Elementary School (Topmost, KY) Topmost KY Richard Hall 0 1
Beaver Lake Middle School (Issaquah, WA) Issaquah WA Stacy Cho 1 6
Beck Academy (Greenville, SC) Greenville SC Kelli Ballard 1 6
Beck Junior High School (Katy, TX) Katy TX Beiqing Huang 1 6
Beck Middle School (Cherry Hill, NJ) Cherry Hill NJ Lisa Castillo 1 6
Beckendorff Junior High School (Katy, TX) Katy TX Pam Ward 1 6
Becker Middle School (Becker, MN) Becker MN Malinda Pudlick 1 6
Bedford Middle School (Bedford, VA) Bedford VA Amanda Fenson 1 0
Bedford Middle School (Westport, CT) Westport CT Mousumi Bhattacharya 1 0
Bedminster Township School (Bedminster, NJ) Bedminster NJ Kyle Johnson 1 6
Bednarcik Junior High School (Aurora, IL) Aurora IL Asha Siddappa 1 6
Beechwood High School (Fort Mitchell, KY) Fort Mitchell KY Mary Brennan 1 4
Beehive Science & Technology Academy (Sandy, UT) Sandy UT Emre Gul 1 4
Bel Air Middle School (Bel Air, MD) Bel Air MD Christine New 1 6
Bel-Aire Elementary School (Gulfport, MS) Gulfport MS Ashleigh Syverson 1 6
Belfield Public School (Belfield, ND) Belfield ND Billie Gibson 1 6
Belgrade Middle School (Belgrade, MT) Belgrade MT Geoffrey McBride 1 6
Belhaven Middle School (Linwood, NJ) Linwood NJ Jennifer Parmelee 1 6
Bell Central School Center (Pineville, KY) Pineville KY Amanda Day 1 6
Bell Middle School (Golden, CO) Golden CO Jon Fischer 0 2
Bellaire Middle School (Bellaire, OH) Bellaire OH John Farrier 1 0
Belle Place Middle School (New Iberia, LA) New Iberia LA Francine Broussard 1 6
Bellefontaine Middle School (Bellefontaine, OH) Bellefontaine OH Richard Kurtz 1 3
Bellwood Antis Middle School (Bellwood, PA) Bellwood PA Kathleen Taylor 1 4
Belmont Hill School (Belmont, MA) Belmont MA Chris Sweeney 1 6