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School Name City State Coach T I
*George Junior High School (Springdale, AR) Springdale AR Carrie Bain 1 6
*George Washington Middle School (Dubuque, IA) Dubuque IA Karla Digmann 0 1
*George Washington Middle School (Laredo, TX) Laredo TX Norma Mendez 1 1
*George Washington Middle School (Ridgewood, NJ) Ridgewood NJ Michael Pepe 1 6
*Gering Junior High School (Gering, NE) Gering NE Derek Janssen 1 1
*Gilford Middle School (Gilford, NH) Gilford NH Peter Bowler 1 6
*Glasgow Middle School (Baton Rouge, LA) Baton Rouge LA William Bankston 1 1
*Glen Crest Middle School (Glen Ellyn, IL) Glen Ellyn IL Monica Shekar 1 6
*Glenbrook Middle School (Longmeadow, MA) Longmeadow MA Stephen Zimora 1 6
*Glenwood Middle School (Chatham, IL) Chatham IL Chelsea Cox 1 6
*Glenwood School (Princeton, WV) Princeton WV Marsha Platnick 0 1
*Golden Acorn Academy (Worthville, KY) Worthville KY Mary Hayward 0 1
*Gordon Gregory Middle School (Naperville, IL) Naperville IL Ethan Johnson 1 6
*Gorham Middle School (Gorham, NH) Gorham NH Amanda Lavigne 1 6
*Grace Christian School (Alexandria, LA) Alexandria LA Cheri Norton 0 1
*Grace Community School (Tyler, TX) Tyler TX Alison Radcliffe 1 0
*Grafton Middle School (Grafton, MA) Grafton MA Praveena Murthuraj 1 6
*Grafton Middle School (Yorktown, VA) Yorktown VA Bob Nealy 1 6
*Granby Memorial Middle School (Granby, CT) Granby CT Caron Kempf 1 6
*Grand Rapids Christian Middle School (Grand Rapids, MI) Grand Rapids MI Tamela Koop 1 6
*Grant Middle School (Albuquerque, NM) Albuquerque NM Karen Robinson 1 0
*Great Bridge Middle School (Chesapeake, VA) Chesapeake VA Daniel Viar 1 6
*Green Brook Middle School (Green Brook , NJ) Green Brook NJ Vamsi Desu 1 6
*Green Hills Elementary School (Bledsoe, KY) Bledsoe KY Bruce Farley 0 1
*Green Valley School (Boone, NC) Boone NC Emily Green 1 6