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School Namesort descending City State Coach T I
Barone Middle School (Meeker, CO) Meeker CO zach clatterbaugh 1 6
Barrington Middle School (Barrington, RI) Barrington RI Sarah Orrall 1 6
Barrington Middle School (Barrington, NH) Barrington NH Melanie Dupuis 1 4
Barrington Middle School Prairie Barrington IL Amy Boucek 1 6
Barstow School (Kansas City, MO) Kansas City MO Charlotte Keith 1 6
Bartow Middle School (Bartow, FL) Bartow FL Benjamin Arnold 1 0
Basic Homeschools (Los Altos, CA) Los Altos CA Linda Burks 1 4
Basis Ahwatukee (Phoenix, AZ) Phoenix AZ Phyllis Weaver 1 6
BASIS Chandler (Chandler, AZ) Chandler AZ Suresh Rajaram 1 6
Basis Independent Brooklyn (Brooklyn, NY) Brooklyn NY Lucy Snyder 1 6
BASIS Independent Fremont (Fremont, CA) Fremont CA Holly Tucker-Johnsen 1 6
BASIS Independent McLean (McLean , VA) McLean VA Tyler Sullivan 1 6
Basis Independent Silicon Valley (San Jose, CA) San Jose CA Christopher Nguyen 1 6
BASIS Oro Valley (Oro Valley, AZ) Oro Valley AZ Siva Konkimalla 0 1
Basis Peoria School (Peoria, AZ) Peoria AZ Tim Winzeler 1 1
Basis Phoenix (Phoenix, AZ) Phoenix AZ Tarek Firzli 1 2
Basis Scottsdale (SCOTTSDALE, AZ) SCOTTSDALE AZ Surjit Nanda 1 6
Basis Shavano (San Antonio, TX) San Antonio TX Vidya Mannem 1 6
Basis Tucson North (Tucson, AZ) Tucson AZ Ling van Bree 1 6
Batesville Junior High School (Batesville, MS) Batesville MS Misty Wright 0 0
Battery Park City School (New York, NY) New York NY Saeed Golpoor 1 0
Battle Creek Middle School (St Paul, MN) St Paul MN Nick Feiock 1 6
Battle Ground Middle School (West Lafayette, IN) West Lafayette IN Piing Wan 1 6
Battle Lake School (Battle Lake, MN) Battle Lake MN Mike Scholten 1 0
Baumholder Middle/High School (APO AE, DD) APO AE DD Andrew Nelson 1 0