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School Name City State Coach T I
*Ephrata Middle School (Ephrata, WA) Ephrata WA Tyler Cummings 1 6
*Epiphany Cathedral School (Venice, FL) Venice FL Katrien Dolk-Etz 0 1
*Episcopal School of Acadiana (Broussard, LA) Broussard LA Alicia Bouy 1 2
*Estem Middle Charter School (Little Rock, AR) Little Rock AR Elizabeth Whitley 1 6
*Eubanks Intermediate School (Southlake, TX) Southlake TX John Kriegshauser 1 0
*Evans Junior High School (Bloomington, IL) Bloomington IL Ui-Jeen Yu 1 6
*Evanston Middle School (Evanston, WY) Evanston WY Crystal Peterson 1 6
*Evergreen Middle School (Redmond, WA) Redmond WA Bettina Berton 1 6
*Excelsior Middle School (Marion, IA) Marion IA Dale Brandt 1 0
*Explorer Middle School (Everett, WA) Everett WA Marc Anderson 1 6
*Exploris Middle School (Raleigh, NC) Raleigh NC Remi Wingo 1 6
*F K White Middle School (Lake Charles, LA) Lake Charles LA Beverly Crawford 1 0
*F.A. Day Middle School (Newton, MA) Newton MA Yun Gao 1 6
*Fairfield Woods Middle School (v, CT) v CT Michelle Formato 1 6
*Fairgrounds Middle School (Nashua, NH) Nashua NH Vishik Bhalla 1 6
*Fairview Middle School (Tallahassee, FL) Tallahassee FL Pushpa Kurian 1 2
*Falcon Cove Middle School (Weston, FL) Weston FL Kami McLaughlin 1 0
*Fall Creek Junior High School (Fishers, IN) Fishers IN Laurie Kornmann 1 6
*Fishers Junior High School (Fishers, IN) Fishers IN Jon Baker 1 6
*Flour Bluff Junior High (Corpus Christi, TX) Corpus Christi TX Anthony Gillespey 1 2
*Follansbee Middle School (Follansbee, WV) Follansbee WV Stephanie Humienny 0 1
*Foothills Middle School (Wenatchee, WA) Wenatchee WA Michelle Jobe 1 6
*Forest Hills Central Middle School (Ada, MI) Ada MI Roxanne Gallert 1 6
*Forest Middle School (Forest, VA) Forest VA Amber Li 1 6
*Forestbrook Middle School (Myrtle Beach, SC) Myrtle Beach SC Kristine Evans 1 6