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A school's listing below confirms the number of teams (T) and individuals (I) that you have officially registered for the 2017-2018 MATHCOUNTS Competition Series.

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School Name City State Coach T I
*E.W. Thurston Middle School (Westwood, MA) Westwood MA David Lamb 1 6
*Eagles Landing Middle School (Boca Raton, FL) Boca Raton FL Evan Jacobs 1 0
*Earle Elementary School (Earle, AR) Earle AR Mary Craft 1 6
*Early Light Academy (South Jordan, UT) South Jordan UT Joshua Speckman 1 6
*East Hardin Middle School (Glendale, KY) Glendale KY Chasity Gregory 1 0
*East Junior High School (Boise, ID) Boise ID Charles McAllister 1 6
*East Lyme Middle School (Niantic, CT) Niantic CT Kristen Montano 1 6
*East Middle School (Plymouth, MI) Plymouth MI Srinivasa Badrinarayanan 1 6
*East Ouachita Middle School (Monroe, LA) Monroe LA Sarah Colvin 0 3
*Eastern Middle School (Riverside, CT) Riverside CT Tara Hoffman 1 6
*Eastmont Middle School (Sandy, UT) Sandy UT Stephanie Schott 1 6
*Eddyville Blakesburg High School (Eddyville, IA) Eddyville IA Donna Bohlmann 0 1
*Edgewood Junior Senior High School (Merritt Island, FL) Merritt Island FL Nancy Morse 0 1
*Edison Junior High School (Rock Island, IL) Rock Island IL Susan Meredith 1 6
*Edison Regional Gifted Center (Chicago, IL) Chicago IL Karen Valentine 1 6
*Eisenhower Intermediate School (Bridgewater, NJ) Bridgewater NJ Carol Shi 1 6
*El Paso Country Day School (El Paso, TX) El Paso TX Fan Chen 1 0
*Eleanor Roosevelt Middle School (Dubuque, IA) Dubuque IA Amber Leitzen 1 4
*Elgin Middle School (Elgin, OK) Elgin OK Sandra Brierton 1 6
*Elkhorn Middle School (Frankfort, KY) Frankfort KY Emma Bukowski 0 1
*Elkhorn Valley View Middle School (Elkhorn, NE) Elkhorn NE Logan Paben 0 1
*Elm Grove Middle School (Bossier City, LA) Bossier City LA Ashley Johnston 0 1
*Elm Street Middle School (Nashua, NH) Nashua NH Eileen Banik 1 6
*Emerson School (Ann Arbor, MI) Ann Arbor MI Rebecca Sodervick 1 6
*Enterprise Middle School (West Richland, WA) West Richland WA Srinivas Allena 1 6