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A school's listing below confirms the number of teams (T) and individuals (I) that you have officially registered for the 2017-2018 MATHCOUNTS Competition Series.

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School Namesort descending City State Coach T I
*Next Generation School (Champaign, IL) Champaign IL Jennifer Knapp 1 6
*Pleasant Hill School (Palatine, IL) Palatine IL Mark Jiang 1 6
*Plum Grove Junior High School (Rolling Meadows, IL) Rolling Meadows IL Minerva Milford 1 6
*Quest Academy (Palatine, IL) Palatine IL Angela Howe 1 6
*Richland County Middle School (Olney, IL) Olney IL Julie Clodfelter 1 6
*Saint Francis/Holy Ghost School (Jerseyville, IL) Jerseyville IL Christine Mattis 1 6
*Saint Mary School (Brussels, IL) Brussels IL JoAnn Nolte 1 6
*Scullen Middle School (Naperville, IL) Naperville IL Helen Lou 1 6
*Thayer J Hill Middle School (Naperville, IL) Naperville IL David James 1 6
*Thurgood Marshall School (Rockford, IL) Rockford IL Carolyn Meingast 1 6
*Triad Middle School (St. Jacob, IL) St. Jacob IL Lee Ann Landmann 1 6
*University High School (Urbana, IL) Urbana IL Gene Bild 1 6
*Walter R Sundling Junior High School (Palatine, IL) Palatine IL Lori Majewski 1 6
*Wilmette Junior High School (Wilmette, IL) Wilmette IL Anne Jacobs 1 6
1 R Northwest Public Schools (Grand Island, NE) Grand Island NE Bebbi Byerly 1 6
75 Morton Street (New York, NY) New York NY John Fisher 1 6
A & M Consolidated Middle School (College Station, TX) College Station TX Caroline Hermann 1 5
A C Reynolds Middle School (Asheville, NC) Asheville NC Heather Rejzer 1 6
A G Cox Middle School (Winterville, NC) Winterville NC Katheen Pearce-Brewer 1 4
A J Mcmullen Middle School (Markleysburg, PA) Markleysburg PA Don Bell 1 6
A L Corbett Middle School (Wagener, SC) Wagener SC April Widener 1 4
Aaron Cohn Middle School (Midland, GA) Midland GA Pamela Anders 1 0
Abbott Middle School (West Bloomfield, MI) West Bloomfield MI Gulshan Chandna 1 5
Abbott Middle School (San Mateo, CA) San Mateo CA Jing Filipinas 1 6
Aberdeen Roncalli Junior High School (Aberdeen, SD) Aberdeen SD Rose Kraft 1 4